5 Major Types of Grills | Which Perform Best for You?

Above all, if the rich food with a higher amount of fats increases the chances of heart diseases. Furthermore, if you are compromising your meal nutrients and maximizing the harmful cholesterol in the bloodstream, the grills with their safe grilling method preserve the vitamins and actual texture of food.

Besides, sear your food with a massive variety of the market ranging from electric, gas, charcoal, pellet, kamado, and infrared grills. Mainly, some of them smoked the food items to ensure humidity. While others directly apply infrared radiations to reduce the harmful flare-ups.

Likewise, we have researched different categories, and we have personally used pellet smokers, electric grills, and different others to get the right results for the last 54 days. As a result, we present the overall findings to assist you for better usage, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each category and their indoor and outdoor applicability.

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Types of Grills

Let’s discuss the different forms, working, features, and related information of the grills. Similarly, you will get the correct information that will help you select the suitable type according to your requirements.

Pellet Grill

Pellet grill smoker works in two modes. First, it permits the user to use it for grilling purposes. On the other hand, it delivers the smoke to the cooking area. Consequently, it spreads the valid flow of smoke around the food and keeps the food items moisture.

Truly, the Best Pellet Smoker stands compact in the long cooking period with excellent temperature provision. Because the thermometer probe and the fire pot collectively ensure the required heating power according to the cooking place and the type of food.

Nonetheless, It’s claimed that the pellet grill does not sear the meat efficiently than other types. But, some manufacturers have modified their features to overcome this problem.

pellet grill

What to Consider?

Here we will expound on some basic but vital points that support the decision related to the type of grill.

  • Grill Material for long-lasting

  • Smoke tray

  • Exact temperature gauge

  • Large Hopper Capacity

  • Cooking area

  • Venting system

Gas Grill

The Best Gas Grill is perfect for the outdoor location, whether at the campsite or the house lawn. It comes up with the quick ignition that makes ready the cooking space with quality temperature in just seconds. Further, It provides a cheaper cooking experience than charcoal.

Subsequently, It does not permit the harmful gases that maximize the risk issues. Instead, at a very intense level of heat, it increases the chances of such risks. But, the thermometer, with its accuracy level, supports your work at a safe level.

Recently, many manufacturers have added the smoke feature to ensure multi-functionality. Overall, it gets hot quickly, cools down much faster after cooking, and allows for easy cleaning.

gas grill

What To Consider?

  • Tank Capacity (in the case of Propane)

  • Cooking area

  • BTUs range

  • Number of burners

  • Regulator

  • Flexible knobs

  • Size

Charcoal Grill

The charcoal grill comes to mind when you want the BBQ grill. Indeed, its working covers the traditional smokey flavor with high heat stability. Moreover, it is considered ideal for the seasoning grilling with the perfect smoked taste that no one can beat.

charcoal grill

Accordingly, the one thing that wants some attention is the immediate consumption of fuel. So, when you prefer it for outdoor cooking, try to keep the extra charcoal fuel for the consistent temperature in the long cooking period. It also renders the facility of indirect and direct heat to ensure the juiciness of the meal.

Indeed, its features are beginner-friendly and do not require any training and assistance for the proper operability of the portable charcoal grill. In fact, it’s not for cancer patients.

What to consider?

Focus on the quality of the particular features that thoroughly guarantee traditional cooking.

  • Wide cooking area

  • Enough durable charcoal tray

  • Ashtray

  • Accurate temperature gauge

  • Dampers for the quick airflow

  • Suitable height and directions

  • Leakage free lid that makes sure the intense heat

Electric Grill

Electric BBQ Grill is best with the benefits of fast searing, quick temperature control, stable heat consistency, and pollution-free long cooking time. But, in some situations, it takes a lot of time to grasp the hotness compared to other options.

Fortunately, it provides ease with no fire setup, fuel consumption, and source adjustment. Just with one push-button, take the grilling to the next level. Similarly, it remains the user free from the tension of fuel leakage, and it easily fits in small places.

Thus, many grill builder companies provide the functionality of innovative technology such as wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. Afterward, it allows you to control the electric grill from any place at any time.

electric grill

What to consider?

Get some overview about the crucial points for the best electric grill.

  • Right temperature gauge

  • Size

  • Cooking capacity

  • Source of power

  • Digital technology

  • Fan facility

  • Double-walled lid

Infrared Grill

An infrared grill is an advanced type that makes confident the even heat, intense level temperature, tru-infrared radiations, and flexible features. Notably, the quick ignition captures the required flow of heat granted to the cooking top in the form of direct radiations.

As a result, heating power makes the crunchy edge from the outside and maintains the softness from the inside. Also, different manufacturers use infrared technology in their grills that is great for the fish, chicken, steak, ribs, and most commonly for the bulky pieces of the meal.

Similarly, the complete cooking process of the tru infrared grill keeps the surrounding safe from any mess. On the other hand, sometimes higher heat levels burn food entirely, which is not beneficial for health. In this case, the temperature setting is most crucial in this category.

infrared grill

What to consider?

Try to notice the below-mentioned points at the time of selection.

  • Stable Infrared technology

  • Experts’ specified BTU range

  • Jetfire ignition

  • Stainless steel Burners

  • Flexible Temperature probe

  • Durable valve system

  • Spacious cooking capacity


In the final analysis, it is not easy to give the title of the best grill to one of the types because all the categories have a specific market position due to their features, cooking styles, technology, and adjustments. So, it highly depends on the requirement of the user, which option will be beneficial.

 Of course, when easy usage comes into account, then electric grill and gas grill make sense. On the other hand, the charcoal grill works under the budget. In the term of flavors pellet is a great option, and infrared guarantees fast cooking without flare-ups.

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