Best Alkaline Water Brands: Which One Is Right for You?

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Alkaline water is water that has chemicals added to it. The water is intended to provide many benefits for the person drinking it, including slowing down the aging process and reducing chronic diseases. This water is more alkaline than standard water. It has minerals that can act as antioxidants or prooxidants.

It is hard to find sources for your health and your food. Once you’ve decided, it can be hard to find food to buy.

Finding suitable alkaline water can be hard. You might not know which one is best. Don’t worry! We did all the testing for you and found 10 that we think are good.

Most likely, it’s because the water in the warehouse is not fresh. The alkalinity of the water is starting to decrease. The water was refreshing and it had a fresh, crisp taste that all our testers liked. But you can also get this in different flavours, including Tahitian Lime, Sicilian Lemon or Elderflower.

Unlike some water brands, Icelandic Glacial water is carbon neutral. Nothing is added to it, and nothing is taken away. It comes from a spring in Iceland, which probably makes it so good.


  • Naturally alkaline
  • It has a pH level of 8.4
  • Available in several flavours
  • Certified carbon neutral


  • Not all bottles test the advertised alkalinity

Perfect Hydration 9.5+ pH Alkaline Water – Best Value 

Some bottled water brands are too expensive. But the Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water is a more affordable option. It offers exceptional value for the price, which is why we think Perfect Hydration is one of the best alkaline water brands for the money.

The pH levels of alkaline water vary. Perfect Hydrations water is near the top with a pH of at least 9.5, which is very alkaline. Other alkaline waters are not very alkaline, but you will get all the benefits of drinking truly alkalized water with this water.

This water is pure. It has no harmful stuff in it, like chlorine or salt. But it does have minerals and electrolytes to make the flavour better and health-boosting effects. Some of our testers did not think the water tasted good because it had a plastic taste. Nine stages of filtration ensure that there is nothing bad in the water you drink.


  • Purified through 9 stages of filtration
  • Contains no sodium, fluorine, or chlorine
  • Added minerals and electrolytes
  • Has a pH of 9.5 or higher
  • Certified Kosher


  • Some people taste plastic in the water



Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water – Premium Choice

Compared to regular drinking water, all alkaline water seems expensive. But the Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water is even more expensive than other alkaline waters. It has a great taste and is highly alkaline, with a pH rating of 8.8-9.1.

Plastic bottles can make water unsafe to drink because they contain harmful chemicals. But the bottles that Evamor artesian alkaline water is packaged in are safe and healthy for you to drink from because they don’t contain BPA (Bisphenol-A).

Doctors often recommend this water. Alkaline water has benefits. This type of water is naturally alkaline, so they did not have to process it to make it alkaline. It comes from a protected source called an artesian aquifer, which makes the flavour fresh and smooth.


  • pH of 8.8-9.1
  • Packaged in BPA-free bottles
  • The crisp and refreshing taste


  • Far pricier than most alkaline water



BODYARMOR SportWater Alkaline Water

BODYARMOR SportWater has a pH level of 9 or higher. The large bottles offer 8 servings each.

Even though the BODYARMOR SportWater has a higher alkalinity level than many other glasses of water we tested, it is still very affordable. It is one of the most affordable alkaline waters that we have tested.

Water is not always alkaline. We have to use a process called reverse osmosis to make it alkaline. This water tastes good and has a high pH reading, but some bottles come with broken seals, leaking and wasting the water.


  • pH levels of 9 or higher
  • Sports cap with easy flip lid
  • RO prepares water
  • Contains added electrolytes
  • Priced more affordably than many brands


  • Many bottles arrive with broken seals



Alkaline88 Alkaline Water

If you want to buy the cheapest kind of water, the Alkaline88 brand should seem good.

As far as alkaline water goes, it is one of the cheapest. It does not have any dangerous chemicals like BPA in its bottles. We found that sometimes the water has a funny taste like metal or plastic.

This water has an alkaline pH of 8.8 and is purified using reverse osmosis. It has minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and potassium. The Alkaline88 water can be bought in gallons or smaller bottles.


  • It’s one of the most affordable alkaline waters
  • It’s packaged in BPA-free bottles
  • Includes calcium, copper, potassium, iron, and magnesium
  • It has an alkalinity of 8.8 pH
  • Enhanced with Himalayan sea salt


  • Sometimes the water has a plastic or metallic taste



Essentia Water Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water

Essentia is one of the more well-known names for alkaline water. Their water is ionized and has a pH level higher than 9.5, so if you are looking for highly alkaline water, Essentia might be an option.

This water is exceptionally pure, with an average of less than 90 dissolved solids in 100 parts. As a result, pH testing strips provide incorrect readings. This water was as alkaline as advertised using a decent pH meter.

Although Essentia comes from municipal water sources, it is essentially ordinary tap water. They do, however, boost the alkalinity after processing it.

The solution, as well as additional electrolytes, is added to improve the taste. Even so, it’s pricey when compared with tap water from the same source.


  • pH of 9.5 or higher
  • Added electrolytes for taste
  • Contains less than 90ppm of TDS


  • It comes from municipal water sources



SmartWater Alkaline 9+ph Water:

Smartwater is a famous brand of bottled water. It is sold in many convenience stores, but not all of them sell Smartwater Water Alkaline Water.

Smartwater is a type of water that has a high pH. It is vapour distilled and it also has electrolytes. It’s ionized to make it have a higher pH number.

The SmartWater alkaline water bottles are big, so they are easy to drink. They are also safe because they do not have BPA. That means you can drink them and not worry about anything wrong happening.

However, we were disappointed to find out that water is not free from fluoride. We were also disappointed after doing some home testing. After several tests, we determined that the water in our house was not as alkaline as advertised.


  • The alkalinity of 9 pH or higher
  • Vapour distilled with added electrolytes
  • Large bottles hold four servings each
  • The plastic bottles are BPA free


  • It’s not fluoride-free
  • It doesn’t show a high pH in-home testing



JUST Water Pure Still Spring Water:

JUST water is a new type of water in paper-based recyclable bottles. This water has two things it’s suitable for, but they are not related to the quality or alkalinity of the water. The first thing JUST water is good for is its paper-based recyclable bottles. The second thing JUST water is good for is celebrity endorsements, which have come from Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son. Queen Latifah has also endorsed this type of drink.

JUST water has a reduced carbon footprint. But it also has a foil inside, which gives it a chemical smell and taste.

We want to help the environment, but we don’t want to waste money. This water is expensive, but it is from the same water that supplies New York City. The pH is 8.0, so it doesn’t have a lot of alkaline. We should all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, but JUST water is one of the most expensive ways for you to do this.

  • pH of 8.0
  • Paper-based recyclable bottle
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • 88% renewable materials


  • It’s only famous because of celebrity endorsements
  • It’s pricey for alkaline water
  • Inside of the bottles has a chemical smell


Bai Antioxidant Alkaline Water

Bai is the second last among the best alkaline water brands. You might find it at your local convenience store. It’s a little more expensive than other brands, but its pH is only 7.5 (which means it’s very close to neutral). Our testers said they didn’t like the taste; it tasted slightly bitter and not as natural as they liked.

Bai water is made with electrolytes. It has a lot of selenium and antioxidants. Some people like to see those things on a label, but it doesn’t matter what they are. If you want that, then Bai water is for you.

We recommend not drinking Bai Antioxidant Water because it has a much lower pH than neutral. Instead, try another water that has a higher pH.

  • Infused with selenium
  • Vegan, kosher, and non-GMO


  • Costlier than other options
  • The pH of 7.5 is barely above neutral
  • It has a slightly bitter taste



Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Unfortunately, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water does not receive any honours for having the most difficult name to pronounce. If that were the case, this water would be at the top of our list. It’s nevertheless probably our least favourite among all of the alkaline waters we tried during testing.

The water is not very alkaline, and particles are floating in it. It is just tap water, but Waiakea tries to convince you that it’s unique.

Waiakea has made the water more nutritious. It has minerals and electrolytes in it. This water tastes like metal, but it is carbon neutral, and the bottles are recycled. We like that Waiakea donates clean water to Africa when you buy this water. This water does not taste good and none of our testers liked it.


  • Carbon neutral certified
  • Bottles are made from recycled materials
  • Waiakea donates clean water to Africa for each purchase


  • It doesn’t reflect the advertised pH in-home testing
  • Waiakea water is bottled from the municipal supply system
  • It has a metallic aftertaste
  • Visible particles are floating in the water
  • Two pH isn’t as high as other alkaline waters



Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Alkaline Water

Many people want to drink alkaline water. When deciding which brand of water to drink, think about how it tastes and what benefits it may offer. But do not trust the advertising on the bottle because sometimes they lie.

We tested these waters and figured out ways to compare them. We found the best way to know which one is best for you.

Picking the Perfect Alkaline Water Brand

Water is not the same as drinking water. There are different kinds of drinking water. Each kind has a different pH, which is the number that tells you how acidic or basic it is. You want to look for a pH below 7 or above 7.

The pH Scale

The pH scale is a way to measure acidity. It ranges from 0 to 14, with higher numbers being more alkaline and lower numbers being more acidic. The neutral point on the pH scale is 7. Water must have a pH greater than seven in order to be termed alkaline.

Your Natural pH

Your body is slightly alkaline, but only slightly. Remember, 7 is neutral on the pH scale. Anything higher than 7 is alkaline. The human body has a tight range of 7.35-7.45 that it needs to maintain for survival.

PH of Your Water

If you want to change the alkalinity of your body, then you need to drink water with a higher pH level than your body already has. Higher numbers mean that the water is more alkaline and will have more of the effects you want.


Alkaline water has alkaline minerals. These are electrolytes. But the way brands make these alkaline waters is different.

The finest natural alkalines are those that come from naturally high-alkaline sources. This implies they’re coming from locations with a lot of alkaline minerals and a high pH level. On the other hand, other waters are manufactured alkaline artificially by adding electrolytes and, in some cases, ionizing the water. Alkalinity is artificially induced in this type of alkaline water via a significant amount of processing.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

There are many supposed advantages to alkaline water, although the majority have not been proved. Some people state that increasing your body’s pH level will eliminate cancer, but there is no proof of this at present. There has been researching showing some benefits for specific groups drinking alkaline water.

A study in 2012 found that alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 can help people who have acid reflux. Another study showed that drinking water with a high pH after a workout helps the blood flow more easily and improves recovery time.

Possible Risks of Alkaline Water

There are good and bad parts to alkaline water. It might have some benefits, but it can also have side effects. Alkaline water is more pH-balanced than regular water. The stomach’s acidity protects you from bacteria and pathogens that come into contact with your body. Without that protection, the bacteria and pathogens will get into your bloodstream, hurting you.

You can prevent or treat stomach issues by adjusting your diet and lifestyle to keep your body’s pH level in balance. Gastrointestinal problems are more common when your body becomes overly alkaline. Irritations on the skin may also occur. Metabolic alkalosis occurs when your body becomes too alkaline for an extended period of time, causing nausea, tremors, muscular twitches, perplexity, and vomiting.

Your body is a complicated organism with many systems in it. If you try to change your pH, those systems will fight back and do anything to get your body back to its neutral pH.


If you are new to alkaline water, then you might be surprised at how many companies are selling it. Having many choices can make it hard to pick what water you want to drink. We hope that our reviews helped you decide without trying every kind of alkaline water out there. But if not, here are some recommendations for the flavors that we liked the best.

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