Best Inflatable Water Slides – Reviews and Tips [2022]

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If your summers are like mine, you probably recall sunshine, laughter, and spending more time outdoors! One of the greatest memories I have is playing with my friends in my backyard. Whether we were creating games, riding bikes, screaming, and laughing outside, I have a lot of great summer memories.

Today, parents are looking for ways to keep their kids outside. Awesome new toys and video games draw kids to being in front of the TV or on their phones or tablets. But you can find creative ways to get your child outside, like playing soccer together. When my kids get pulled into video games, the best thing is to buy a water slide.

Inflatable water slides are the best way to provide fun for kids and adults of all ages. It can be difficult to choose which is best for your needs with a wide selection available. In this article, we will discuss inflatable water slides in detail to make an informed decision about what best meets your needs. We have collected reviews from customers who have purchased these items and tips on how they work best. You will also find a list of the best-selling products on Amazon with a link to each product page if you would like more information before making a purchase.


Why do you want an Inflatable Water Slide?

You are scrutinizing for an inflatable water slide for your kids. You are like me because I am looking for the best one too. It is good because it can help your kids exercise, stay cool in the summer, and be portable.

Why Buy an Inflatable Water Slide?

Are you wondering if buying an inflatable water slide is a good idea? We have some reasons why it might be.

  • Bringing the Water Park Fun to the Backyard: Many states restrict access to public parks. That means that some families can’t go to the park. Owning an inflatable water slide is a good idea because children still have a summer water park experience in their backyard.
  • Birthday Party Essential: What are Summer birthday parties without a bounce house and an inflatable water slide? These two go together. You could rent them every year, but that can be expensive. It is better to buy your one to use it whenever you want and not worry about renting it.
  • Easy Entertainment: Are your kids driving you crazy? Buy an inflatable water slide. They will be entertained for hours, outside! If it is winter, set up the slide in your basement and replace the water with a ball pit. This will make them happy and help you to have some peace again.
  • Motor Skill and Sensory Benefits: Sometimes, people forget about how fun water slides are. They help with climbing, sliding, and wading. Water slides are suitable for building strong muscles and developing gross-motor skills.

Benefits of Inflatable Water Slide and Water Slide Parks

There are vast range of benefits to having a backyard waterslide. It is a good way for kids to play outside and have fun on those hot summer days. It is more convenient than renting something for the kids to play with.

Inflatables are a type of water slide. They are cheaper than a vertical structure. If backyard aesthetics are important, they can be put away when not in use. Inflatables will not be damaged by the weather like a permanent play structure.

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Water Slide

Reviews can help you choose the best inflatable water slide for your backyard. When reading reviews, make sure to keep these things in mind.

  • Size
  • Material
  • Setup Time
  • Included Accessories
  • Price
  • Storage Requirements
  • Weight Limits
  • Recommended Ages
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance
  • Ease of Purchase

I mention that it is easy to buy stuff on the internet. It is easy because you only click and take your delivery. There are many sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Sometimes one website will have a sale and the other won’t. That’s why I compare prices from these websites to make sure you find the best price for anything you need! you can choose best price inflatable water slides according toyour budget and needs,

Water slides are good for different ages. Inflatable slides for kids older than 12 would be dangerous for younger kids. Like amusement park rides, there are height and weight requirements. When you buy something, always think about the age that is recommended.

When you buy a slide, the people who bought it will set it up. But you need to make sure that you can handle setting it up. Most of the slides are easy to put together. First, pick a flat surface and lay the slide down with the bottom facing the ground. Next, put the air blower in one of its holes. Then put water in your hose and use it to fill up your slide.

When you are done playing with the slide, make sure to clean it well. You want to dry it off after cleaning. Fold up the slide when you are done and put it in its bag.

Setting up a slide can be more difficult than taking it down. The weight of the equipment makes it harder, but you need to keep that in mind when buying a slide.

You want your babies to have fun and enjoy themselves, but you also need them to be safe. That is why you should buy an inflatable water slide from a company that has been around for a while. Setting up a slide is not easy. Follow the instructions carefully and pay attention to how deep it is.

Choose a slide with steel stakes, sandbags, and secure tether points. The tether points should be attached to ropes or straps on the ground, so the slide does not move. Have an adult there to watch the people who are on your slide.

I read the information on each inflatable. An excellent way to find out if it works is by reading reviews. People are more honest when they review products, so you can find out if there are any problems or defects. Also, you can find out how the company handled any claims that people have made for this product.

I looked at the price of each slide and how many features it had. If I want something that won’t keep kids entertained for more than five minutes, I will not buy it.

I looked for a well-made slide. I wanted it to stand up to kids playing on it. It should be made of good materials and last a long time, even if the kids play hard on it.

Best Inflatable Water Slides 2022

Following are the some of best rated inflatable water slides.

Little Tikes River Race Water Slide – Best Inflatable Water Slide with Blower

This Little Tikes River Race inflatable slide is the ultimate water slide. There are two slides for kids to race each other on and a climbing wall that pours water down on someone climbing it. The splash pool at the bottom of the slides is spacious enough for kids to play in while others slide down.

This water slide is for children who are three to ten years old. Younger children can use the splash pool, but you need to supervise them closely! The splash pool can also be used throughout the year, but you can set it up indoors on colder days or in the winter months instead.

This slide can hold up to 4 kids at once. It has 350 lbs of the weight limit. The blower comes with a plug that can’t be turned on by accident, and it has a repair kit. There are 2 colors you can buy this slide in: multi-color or pink and blue. This slide is 49.4 pounds and 161 x 169 x 103 inches in size (in other words, very big!)

Setting up this product is easy, but it takes some time to dry. This is the case for most water-play products. But there are ways to help prevent mold from growing on your inflatable water slide. To learn more, you can go to the end of this article, where there are helpful tips on how to keep your water slide clean and free from mold.



Sunny and Fun Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park (Best Value for Families)

Recommended age: all ages

Dimensions: 157.2 x 134.4 x 94.8 inches

Max weight capacity: 350 lbs.

This water slide is the best because adults can use it. Adults and kids can get out to play in the backyard. This inflatable water slide has a weight limit of up to 350 pounds, so you won’t have to worry about it not handling your weight.

You can climb a climbing wall to get to the top of the slides. There are two slides for you to race down. They are both going down fast!

This water park is made of heavy-duty nylon. It has strong, reinforced stitching to make it last a long time.

This is easy to set up. You just blow it up with the included blower, and then you can take it with you. It comes in a carry bag, too!

Some people were surprised by this product. It holds up well for kids to play on it. Plus, it’s a lot of fun and a great value. Some reviews said the only drawback is that it can take a long time to dry.



WellFunTime Inflatable Water Slide Park – Best Inflatable Water Slides

Recommended age: 36 months to 10 years old

Dimensions: 191 x 157.5 x 100 inches

Max weight capacity: 464 lbs.

If you have a lot of money and want your kids to have the best time, buy the WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Water, Slide Park. It has a lot of cool things that will make your kids happy.

Climbing walls and ladders are a fun way to get to the top. There are two different ways to climb up. One is by taking the ladder, but it can be easier to climb the wall! You’ll want to watch out for the bucket on the wall, though, because that might make it more difficult.

Slides are fun. You can race to the bottom on one of these slides. This slide has two water slides and an arch water spray. Your kids will really like this.

This has two pools for kids. One pool is deep and the other has shallow water.

This of the best inflatable water slide because it is made with durable materials. It has seams that are double layered and heavy-duty for extra strength. The slide will not get broken or ripped when rowdy kids climb on it.

This slide will inflate in about two minutes. It is like the Costzon Inflatable Water Slide and comes with a 110-120-volt blower with a GFCI plug for continuous airflow. It also comes with ground stakes.

This product can hold more weight than any other slide. If you have more kids, this slide is safe to use.

This product is like a mini waterpark. The reviews say that it is big enough for many kids at once and is very fun. That means that the price tag might seem high, but it will be worth it.



Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park – Best Home Inflatable Water Slides

The Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park is a great place for kids. It can be used by people who are 3 and up. It is safe and durable, and it has a 10-foot slide with overhead sprayers. The design of the inflatable bounce house keeps kids inside the splash area so grass doesn’t grow in the pool. This shows that Blast Zone knows how to make a great bounce house.

Features to b Added Here

  • Product size:18’L x 11’W x 8’H
  • Item weight 60 lbs
  • Maximum Weight Capacity 200 lbs ( on inflated surfaces )
  • Individual weight limit (per person) 100 lbs
  • Recommended Max Users 6
  • Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: 3 years and up



Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center – Best Inflatable Water Slide for Pool

Recommended age: 24 months to 7 years old

Dimensions: 15.98 x 15.98 x 5.51 inches

This inflatable slide is perfect for the smaller kids and toddlers in your life. It’s smaller than the other inflatable water slides on this list but still just as much fun.

The water slide is the perfect height for toddlers and little ones. The rainbow sprayer will keep them cool all day long.

The bottom of the slide has a pool. You can wade in it and it is soft when you come down from the slide.

This water park has a lot of cool things in it. There are plenty of games, and there are four inflatable rings with six balls. You will stay cool while you play outside.

People who bought this product say that you should not spend money on it. The reviews say that it is cute and does the job. It is perfect for small kids.



Bounceland Jump and Splash Adventure Bounce House – Best Backyard Inflatable Water Slides

Recommended age: 36 months to 8 years old

Dimensions: 138 x 108 x 72 inches

Max weight capacity: 300 lbs.

If you bring Bounceland Jump and Splash Adventure Bounce House or Water Slide All-In-One inflatable water slide, your kids will want to play outside in the backyard.

This slide is fun. It has a bouncy house and a climbing wall with basketball hoops. Your kids will be hot and sweaty from all the playing, so they’ll like the water slide even more.

Your kids can go to the pool when not playing in the slide or bouncy house.

This slide is made from high-quality, heavy-duty materials that will not get punctured. It has a halfway Velcro opening for easy and safe entry and exit. The bouncy house also has a Velcro connection to the basketball hoop safety.

Like other inflatable water slides, the Bounceland Jump and Splash Adventure Bounce House or Water Slide All-In-One take less than a minute to set up. This makes it easy for kids to get in on the fun as soon as they want to.

Parents say their children like this. It needs a lot of space, but it is worth it. They say it is entertaining for kids and easy to set up.



Bestway Tsunami Waves Summit Inflatable Water Park – Best durable inflatable water slides

This water park has many extra features. Kids can race each other on the slide. There is a splash pool with a basketball hoop, waterfall tunnel, and water cannon that goes into it to keep it extra wet and slippery. A big bucket at the top of the slide dumps water in to keep it wet all day long.

The Bestway Tsunami Waves Summit is for kids 3 months to 8 years old. It is durable, and it takes less than three minutes to inflate.

This deck tower has a mesh wall. And this climbing wall has handholds and footholds. This provides extra safety for the inflatable. The dual slides have inflatable rails and cushions on them to make a soft landing.

  • Dual Slides
  • Can carry 7 Kids
  • Inflates in Under 3 Minutes



INFLAPLAY Bounce House with Water Slide – Best Inflatable Water Slides for 10 year olds

Recommended age: 3 months to 10 years old

Dimensions: 54 x 60 inches

Max weight capacity: 250 lbs.

This INFLAPLAY Bounce House is a way for kids to play outside on summer days.

Kids will have a good time playing in this big, fun castle. They can climb up the wall for more fun!

The pool is not just for jumping or sliding, it also has other things to do, like swimming.

This slide is made to be safe. It has extra stitching so it won’t rip.

This slide inflates in minutes. Your kids will only have to wait a couple of minutes for the slide to inflate.

Customers who have bought this product say that it is a good buy. It’s easy to install and set up, and it is what they wanted. They are happy with the product because their kids enjoy it too. This is one of the best outdoor inflatable water slides.



How Does an Inflatable Water Slide Work?

Most water parks and slides come with an air blower. The air blower helps the inflatable to stay inflated. You just need to plug it in.

Does It Recycle Water?

The air blowers are not good for recycling the water. But there are kits you can buy to recycle water. This saves money if you use your water park a lot in the summer.

How Much Water Does an Inflatable Water Slide Use?

The slide needs water from your hose, about 4 liters per minute. Once the slide gets wet, you can adjust the flow to be like filling a tub. This way, you don’t use as much water and it won’t cost as much.

How Do I get Water out of an Inflatable Water Slide?

Take care of your slide and you’ll get the most out of it. You don’t want to leave your slide wet after usage. To avoid mold and mildew forming, make sure to dry it fully before putting it up for the day or season. First, to dry these water slides, empty all of the water from the splash pool. Wipe down the Velcro regions and damp corners with clean towels once it’s completely deflated. Re-inflate your slide using a spray pump to air dry in the sun fully.

How Much Can I Expect a Water Slide to Cost?

If you’re looking for a water park, the cost will vary depending on the kind and features you want. A decent water park product may range from $300 to $500. Keep in mind that the materials used and the name of the manufacturer will have an impact.

How to Keep your Inflatable Water Slide Clean and Mold-Free

Water-play items like inflatable water slides are susceptible to mold if not dried out before storage, just like other water toys. To keep your inflatable water slide in good working order and avoid viruses from spreading, clean it thoroughly between each use. If you’re unsure about the best method to clean it, we’ve created a simple step-by-step tutorial for you.

Drain First, Then Clean

Before cleaning your inflatable slide, empty the water from the splash pond since it will be dirty and teeming with germs. Cleaning something with contaminated water is a waste of time.

Wash with Warm Water and Soap

Use a light detergent and a soft mop to clean the slide’s surface. If you don’t have any vinyl cleaner, dish soap will suffice. After that, give it a quick hose down to remove all the soap residue.

Let it Dry Completely Before Storing

This is a crucial time. Your inflatable slide will mold if you don’t do this. After you’ve cleaned it, any water remaining should be drained and the slide re-inflated. Allow it to stand out for a few hours to dry thoroughly before re-inflating it. Inflating it will help speed up the drying process and keep it inflated for a long time.

Disinfect Often

When the slide has completely dried, use an antiseptic to destroy any remaining germs. Lysol produces disinfecting wipes that are very effective and are frequently used by party rental companies. Avoid bleach and chemicals that contain it while cleaning and disinfecting your vinyl. Bleach can destroy the color of your slide as well as weaken its strength.

Aside from that, look at the product’s website for information when selecting a slide. Decide what features you want (a play pool or water cannons, etc.) and whether they’re included in the price. Choose an option that your kids will enjoy using and playing on. You don’t want to invest money in a slide that won’t be used much. Also, make sure to follow all of the safety measures necessary to keep your children safe.

How long do inflatable water slides last?

The type and brand of the water slide (inflatable or permanent) and its design, material, and construction all influence how long it lasts. How you care for and maintain your water slide heavily influences how long it lasts. While a more costly inflatable water slide is more likely to be composed of greater-quality materials. Inflatable water slides last on average 3-4 summers, depending on how you look at it.

What are inflatable water slides made of?

Inflatable water slides are usually constructed of durable PVC or nylon.

How much water do inflatable water slides use?

An inflatable water slide needs 1 gallon of water every minute. It is the same as having a garden hose on quarter flow. Most slides do not recycle their water, so you need fresh water to be slippery.

How long does it take to inflate?

The time it takes to inflate an inflatable slide will depend on the size of the slide and how powerful the blower is. The Blast Zone Pirate Bay water slide takes 2 minutes to inflate.

How do I fix the seam on inflatable water slides?

Before fixing a broken inflatable water slide, make sure that it is dry. Put a piece of tape on the break while it is inflated so that you know where to look later.

If your water slide doesn’t come with a repair kit, you’ll need to get a needle and thread. First, sew the seam closed. Try sewing as close together as you can.

Finally, you’ll need to repair the area. Make a patch at least half an inch larger than the size of the rip. Then, over the spot you’ve sutured, sprinkle a little glue and place it on top. Before inflating the slide for a second time, allow at least 24 hours for the glue to dry.

Can adults go on an inflatable water slide?

Yes, many of these water slides can exceed the weight limit for adults. While they were not built with adults in mind, they can hold the weight of an adult. To keep your inflatable water slide lasting longer, we recommend following the age recommendations provided by each manufacturer.

Can you put an inflatable water slide on rocks?

No. You should set up the water slide on a surface that is flat. Grass, concrete, or asphalt are all excellent surfaces for this. Do not set up the water slide over sharp objects or toys.

Is there a weight limit for inflatable water slides?

Yes. The maximum weight restriction varies by manufacturer and model. The following are the maximum weight restrictions for each inflatable water slide that we evaluated.

Are inflatable water slides safe for 2-year-olds?

Yes, inflatable water slides are generally safe for toddlers if you keep an eye on them. Never leave a two-year-old alone in a body of water, no matter how shallow it is. 

Best Inflatable Water Slides for Adults

Which inflatable water slide is best for adults?

People can use an inflatable water slide instead of owning a pool. The slides are for children and adults too! They are fun and you can use them on a hot summer day.

Best of the Best Inflatable Water Slide for Adults 

Banzai Aqua Sports Water Park:

You need to know: The included blower will make the water park work in 3 minutes. If there is a issue, there is a repair kit.

This model has a slide, a net for volleyball and water polo, and a hoop for basketball. There are balls to play within each sport.

What to consider: The sports features on this slide are for adults and there is a weight limit.

Best Bang for Your Buck Inflatable Water Slide for Adults 

Banzai Aqua Sports Water Park

What you need to know: This water park inflates in 3 minutes. It has a repair kit, so it won’t stop you from playing if something breaks.

What you’ll love: This model is equipped with a curved slide, climbing wall, volleyball net, basketball hoop, water polo net and a spraying hose. All of the balls for each sport are included.

What you should consider: The sports features are great for adults, but the slide itself has a weight limit of 120 pounds. 


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