Best Inline Water Filters 2022- Safety Certified and Long-Lasting

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Best inline water filters

We always focus on healthy and clean eating but never consider the quality of water. Drinking fresh, clean, and filtered water should be in parallel with healthy eating. Consuming harmful and lethal chemicals/ toxins for no reason could be dangerous for our body in long run.

When it comes to filtration units, you will find plenty of different kinds that will cost you an arm or leg. INLINE WATER FILTERS are lifesavers in such cases. They supply pure, clean, and contaminant-free drinking water. They can be used with coffee makers, refrigerators, water dispensers, ice makers, drinking fountains, and Recreational vehicles.

We know that it’s pretty hard to find the best inline drinking water filter especially when you don’t know what the product actually is. Therefore, here at this site, you will find detailed information about the best inline water filter which is then followed by a brief and concise buyers guide. We have tested some inline water filters and reviewed them below.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Reviewed Inline Water Filters:

Watts Inline Water Filter Capacity: 20000

Flow arte: 0.5GPM

Improves taste and odor of water

Inline Water Filter Kit for Ice Makers Capacity: 1500gallons

Flow rate : 0.5GPM

With quick connect fittings

Omnipure K2533JJ Inline Water Filter – BEST VALUE Capacity:1500 gallons

5micron ratings

Comes with all necessary fittings

EcoPure EPINL30 –best filter for refrigerator

Life: 5 years

High micron rating

Compatible with all refrigerator brand

Culligan RV-800 Inline Water Filter Capacity:2000 gallon

Bacteriostatic filter

Best for RV, camper and boat

HydroLife- RV Water filter Improves the taste of water

Increases water pressure

Easy to connect

Best Inline Water Filter Reviews 2022:

1. Purewater – Best Inline water filter for Ice Makers, Coffee Makers

 Best Inline water filter Ice Makers, Coffee Makers

When it comes to the best inline water filter, Watts takes the top position. Watts 43000140 is designed to be used with refrigerators, ice makers, and coffee brewers. It is one of the top-rated watts inline water filters, so that’s why we decided to give it a try!

I bought a new icemaker and was advised to get a filter for the water that goes into it. We did, and I’m glad we did. I thought our tap water was passable; not excellent but acceptable by city and state standards. The icemaker now produces wonderful ice cubes, in addition to keeping the ice maker clean less frequently.

Watts inline water filter is quite compact and it’s around 10 inches in length and weighs around 1.75 pounds. It has got amazing bacteriostatic properties which state that your tap water would be free from any microbial growth.

It uses KDF water filtering technology which removes harmful chemicals that cause bad taste and odor in water. The KDF filter is of 10-micron rating with a 0.5 GPM flow rate. Some users stated that its flow rate decrease after one year. But we haven’t found anything like this when we tested it. it is best inline water filter for refrigerator.

The maximum operating pressure rating is 125psi, above it, may damage the filter media.

Watts inline water filter is effective against removing bad odor and taste from water. I checked it with my ice maker and saw the immense difference in ice. Usually, my ice maker makes cloudy ice but after using watts inline water filter, the ice looks like a piece of glass.

You can keep enjoying this crystal clear ice till 20,000 gallons which is the filter capacity. After consuming 20000 gallons (5 years) you will need to change the filter. But yes, time to time inspection is mandatory like every 6 months.

Comes to the installation which is my favorite part. Installing watts inline water filter is just like a breeze. It comes with KDF inline filter and 2 quarter inch fittings. You can directly connect it to the ice maker or refrigerator without disturbing any plumbing line.

Buying a watts inline filter is a decision that you won’t regret in your life.

  • Makes your tap water free from chlorine and other chemical
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to install
  • NSF certified
  • Versatile inline water filter
  • Compatible with all water supplies equipment
  • Flow rate decreases after one year



Quality product is the main mission of Watts and the same goes with their inline water filter. It’s a bit pricey but its 20,000-gallon water capacity totally justifies its price. It can be placed easily under the sink and kitchen cabinet. Watts inline is not only for household use, but it can also be used for commercial purposes. 

2. Purewater – Best Inline Water Filter Kit for Refrigerators with Ice Makers

Purewater - Best Inline Water Filter Kit for Refrigerators with Ice Makers

PureWater inline water filter is the next option on my list that we have tested thoroughly. This is one of the superior inline water filters that give you crisp and clear water.

Tap water contains numerous additives and impurities, PureWater inline water filter removes all those impurities like lead, chlorine, mercury, and other heavy metals. So that you can enjoy pure and crystal clear water. It is the the best inline water filter for ice maker.

It’s a snap to set up. Just need a good pair of wire cutters (for hose), a sharp knife, and a cutting board, as well as two pairs of pliers (for fridge connection) and a Philips head (better yet screw gun) for the clamp that keeps the filter in place (on the wall or back of fridge).

Plastic connections may easily cross thread when connecting parts that aren’t square (line at the fridge). I remained calm and managed to get through it fine. Brass and metal compression fittings are my preferred choice, but I’m an old-schooler from another era.

It comes in form of a complete kit that includes ¼” filter, 15 inches of ¼” water line, ¼” shut off valve, few adapters of ¼ inch, and mounting brackets and screw.

We installed it with our new refrigerator using all these tools and some of our gumption. It’s so simple to install, anyone can do it easily. Thanks to its graphical illustration for installation.

PureWater inline water filter has got filter cartridge of granular activated carbon that removes chlorine and a wide range of toxic VOC. Within 1 hour after installation, it eradicates the bad odor and taste of tap water.

The filter has got a service life of 1500 gallons that is around 1 year, which is quite short. But you should not forget the low price tag. The maximum flow rate is 0.5 GPM.

The winning point of the PureWater inline filter is its lifetime warranty that is on parts and labor. After testing this water filter with my refrigerator I firmly believe that it is one of the best inline water filters for refrigerators.

  • Quick-connect fittings make installation easy
  • Quickly eliminates the bad odor and taste of water after installation
  • Compatible with all water supplies.
  • With lifetime warranty
  • Works with refrigerator and ice maker only.



Purewater inline water filter is very affordable. It is best for small families since it has a shorter service life. Its installation is really easy and the best part is, you will get all the required hard wares with it. PureWater inline water filter is effective for removing chlorine and other heavy metals. Indeed it’s best to be used with a refrigerator.

3. EcoPure EPINL30 – Best inline water filter for refrigerator

EcoPure EPINL30 - Best inline water filter for refrigerator

 The next one on my list of best inline water filters is from the house of EcoPure which is a trust worth name.

EcoPure EPINL30 is made up of BPA-free material so that there won’t be any added contaminants in your water. The filter efficiently purifies your water and removes chlorine and sediments. Besides this, it eliminates bad taste, odor, and VOC, so that you can have crystal clear ice cubes with no rotten egg smell.

I bought this as a replacement for an ice maker’s water filter (a stand-alone unit, not part of a refrigerator). I attempted and failed to install the filter according on the included instructions, so I took it to a plumbing supply shop where I was advised that in order to install it properly, I would need: a plastic compression sleeve, a brass insert, and a compression nut (all 1/4 inch).

You can find a variety of online retailers who sell 100 pieces or less. They only cost around $4 each set. After that, everything went pretty smoothly. It’s good to have two tiny wrenches on hand, one to stabilize the nut and one to turn/tighten the sibling nut. Good luck!

Talking about its durability, EcoPure EPINL 30 is one of the durable inline water filters. It has got a filter life of about 5 years. One reason could be the high micron rating that removes the smallest dirt particle from water.

EcoPure is designed and engineered by expert technicians in the USA, so you can expect less or no flaw at all.

The worth appreciating point about EcoPure is its vast level of compatibility. It’s an inline filter for refrigerators so it is compatible with every brand of Refrigerator be it Samsung, Whirlpool, or Haier. Compatibility is endless.

Installing an EcoPure inline water filter is a big hassle for those peeps that have never done any DIY task. Though it comes with ¼ “compression and push-to-connect fittings. But installing it on your own would be a risky task. But yes, if you have done plumbing DIY jobs, then with the help of its instruction manual you can easily install it.

  • Heavy-duty metal build body
  • BPA free material
  • Long filter life
  • Compatible with many refrigerator brands
  • You will need some additional fittings for installation



If you ask us, I personally like the EcoPure inline water filter because of its wide compatibility with different refrigerators. Also, the long filter life makes it one of the best inline water filters for refrigerators.

4. K2533 JJ 1/4″ – Best inline water filter for sink

K2533 JJ 14 - Best inline water filter for sink

Well, I personally like the Omnipure water filters both in terms of quality and performance. You will hardly have any issue with their performance. The award-winning feature of Omnipure filters is, they are affordable. You can grab them even your budget is low.

The original copper tube in our old refrigerator was without a filter. We hadn’t used the ice maker in 13 years because the ice tasted disgusting. I bought this filter and a 5 foot, quarter-inch pvc line together. I cut the old copper line and connected the new one at the floor outlet and fridge inlet, then snipped it in the middle and attached the right end of the filter to the outlet side.

Simply rinse the filter and fill it with drinking water, then drain it in your sink. Next, I put the filter over a 5-gallon bucket and opened the water valve for a minute until the water was clear. This is an essential step for any new filter. Then I connected the other end of the hose to the filter, turned on the water, and there was no more leaking.

That was three months ago. The filter is still in excellent functioning order, and the ice tastes wonderful. Well, it just has a clean water flavor to it. I also purchased the bracket for it and hung it on the cabinet adjacent to the fridge so that it wouldn’t lie on the floor anymore. When the water starts to taste funny again, I’ll buy another of these filters.

Omnipure K2533JJ is a small inline filter that not only purifies your tap water but also enhances the taste of water. It is equipped with a Post RO acid washed granular activated carbon filter which has a 5-micron rating which means, it can effectively remove small dust particles. 

The factor of utmost importance is the certifications of the filter. Luckily Omnipure K2533JJ inline water filter is certified from NSF. This ensures that your filter is a high-performance one. Omnipure changes and enhances the taste of water by removing molecules of chlorine and Hydrogen sulfide from the water. Thus making your tap water drinkable.

Omnipure k-series inline water filter has a capacity of 1500 gallons of water which lasts up to 6 months for a family of three people. Frankly speaking, the capacity is not much impressive. Anyway, its installation is really very easy. It can be installed under the sink without disturbing the plumbing

Upon testing this filter, we realized that it is ineffective against removing heavy metals and other pollutants. So, if you live in an area where you get heavily contaminated water. Then installing Omnipure would not be a great idea.
  • Affordable price
  • Improves taste and odor of water
  • Comes with all necessary fittings.
  • No leaks at all
  • Capacity is not so impressive. You will need to change the filter oftenly



Omnipure K2533JJ is indeed a great inline water filter in terms of price and performance. It can be used for various purposes as you can install it with your ice maker, refrigerator, drinking fountain, and other equipment. 1500 gallon filter capacity is quite low but it’s considered best for small households.

5. Culligan RV-800 – Best inline water filter for camping/ well Water

Culligan RV-800 - Best inline water filter for camping

Do you want the best inline RV water filter for your RV? Here it comes.

Culligan RV-800 fulfills all your needs of clean and pure water even during camping and traveling. Frankly speaking, this RV filter has greatly inspired me, because of the fact that you can connect it easily with no hassle. The best part is, it is not specifically for RVs but you also connect it with a boat, motor homes, trailers, and campers.

I’ve previously bought and utilized this item. I’m a single, full-time RVer who uses this product to filter well water. In the first year of my previous purchase, I used it to filter good water, and it worked well. I had frequent difficulties with lime build-up in my faucets before using this filter. Since utilizing this filter, I’ve noticed less hard water buildup in my toilet bowl, shower head, and coffee maker, as well as a reduction in the problem.

The lime reduction alone is well worth the money, and it has also reduced the occasional changes and off flavors in my well water as precipitation changes occur. This carbon block filter has also reduced the frequent alterations and off odors in my well water when it rains. I’d make this purchase again.

In addition to this, it features a 12-inch flexible hose that’s making installing it an easier task. Appearance-wise, it’s compact and slim so that can be fixed at a congested place easily. 

Culligan RV features a bacteriostatic filter that inhibits the growth of bacteria and different micro-organism. Besides this, it removes the bad odor and taste of water. Thanks to its granular activated carbon filter that bad odor and taste of water. Also, it removes dirt and dust sediment from water. Culligan RV-800 inline water filter assures you tasty and pure drinking water even on your trips.

The filter capacity of Culligan RV is about 2000 gallons which is enough to be used in RVs and Caravan. Also, it is an NSF-certified filter that comes with 5 years of warranty.

  • minimize bad taste and odor of water
  • The great lifespan of filter’s cartridge
  • Limits bacterial growth
  • NSF certified
  • Not ideal to be used for household
  • The hose may kink due to the absence of a hose protector



Culligan is the name of trust and reliability. Culligan RV-800 inline water filter is considered as the best inline filter for RV, boat, and campers. The ease of installation and its versatility makes it an outstanding filter. The capacity of the filter is not so impressive but it’s quite enough during your trip. Overall, it’s a great inline water filter for RV.

6. Hydro Life 52141 HL-200 – Best inline water filter for RV

Hydro Life 52141 HL-200 - Best inline water filter for RV

Another impressive inline water filter is Hydro life 52141. Again it is an inline water filter that can be used in RV. Hydro Life works on the exterior water lines and this way it eliminates the contaminants from water before the water enters into the RV tank.

I used them to purify the unpleasant Arizona water. These filters work wonderfully in my motorhome, but the flow is only 2.5 gallons per minute, so I put 4 of them in parallel (overkill, I know) for my house so that I may have a flow of 10 gallons per minute. Now we have great-tasting and odorless water throughout the home.

Furthermore, we perceive a difference in the shower’s performance. On the negative side, our dog has started to prefer drinking from the toilet rather than before.

It features a simple and compact design that is attached anywhere easily. Its connecting hose securely attaches to the fittings, so that you won’t experience leaks. The worth mentioning point is the adaptability of the Hydro life inline water filter so that you can install it permanently.

Talking about its capacity, it is capable enough to handle a large volume of water and removes hard minerals and other contaminants. Hydro life uses both KDF media and GAC filter, this means with the use of a dual filter you will be going to have extremely clean and pure drinking water on your road trip.

Not only it cleans the water but it also removes unpleasant odors and smells. With so many impressive features, one pitfall that we found is, you cannot use this inline water filter for a long time. It’s good to be used for a limited time on an RV. Besides this, its pores get clog frequently so you need to clean it oftenly.

  • Comes with a garden hose connector
  • High volume design
  • Easy to replace cartridges
  • Best for RV, campers, trailers, and boat
  • Require regular cleaning
  • Not for long term use



Hydro life 52141 is the best alternative to Culligan RV-800 inline. It shares almost the same features as Culligan RV-800. The space-saving and compact design gives you freedom to install it anywhere. Hydrolife inline water filter requires several cleaning rounds in a month. Overall, it’s a nice product.

What Is an Inline Water Filter?

As the name suggests, inline water filters are the type of filters that are installed directly into a water line. Therefore, water is filtered as it passes through the pipeline. Inline water filters are long, thin, cylindrical shape filter cartridges that remove dirt and other harmful substance from your water. Besides this, it limits the limestone formation which protects your precious equipment.

Reasons for Using Inline Water Filter:

Inline water filter is a highly trusted water filter type that people uses in their homes and offices because of the following reason:

  • They are durable and efficient
  • Versatility is endless with an inline water filter. Just install it in one kitchen line and use it with more than one appliance such as a water cooler, ice maker, refrigerator, etc.
  • They are space savers and doesn’t require a big area for installation
  • Inline water filters are an economical and pocket-friendly option that is just like long–term investment.

Some Cons of Inline Water Filter:

  • Installation is a bit tricky:

In this era where inflation rate is increasing day by day. You look for ways to cut –off the labor cost. Unluckily, inline water needs an experienced plumber for its installation. You can’t do it on your own. Though installation is simple but it needs expert knowledge.

  • Confined to be used with limited appliances:

Inline water filters are not like whole house water filter that supplies pure and clean water from every faucet of home. You can only install an inline water filter to be used with the fridge, ice maker, kitchen sink. It doesn’t cater to the need of your entire house appliances.

  • Not a thorough contaminant removal:

Inline water filters are useful for removing the majority of the contaminants like chlorine. But if your water has a high level of heavy metals, then inline water fails to filter them properly.

How Do They Work?

Inline water filters work immediately as soon as you installed them. Their working is really very simple. With the help of water pressure in your plumbings, water is pushed through the inline filter which has different layers of filters.

The first stage or first filter layer removes toxins, chemicals, and other impurities from water by using a filter medium. The second stage revolves around the removal of chemicals. Depending on the type of filter medium it removes different chemicals and toxic substances from water.

At this stage, the taste and smell of water are improved while different viruses, bacteria, and VOCs are effectively removed. The result is clean and pure water that you can use for making ice, cooking, and drinking.

Types of Inline Water Filters:

There are different types of inline water filters depending upon the filter medium that they are using to filter water from harmful contaminants. Below, we have mentioned some of the most common types of a filter medium that are used in inline water filters:

  • Charcoal: 

Charcoal is a popular filter medium that is used in numerous water filtration systems. An inline water filter that has carbon as a filter medium removes contaminants via the adsorption process. In this process charcoal binds the contaminants to the media. Therefore, no contaminants will pass through the system with water.

  • Granular filter:

For trapping a wide range of different contaminants, a granular filter is the best choice. Actually, it’s a blend of multiple filter mediums. Using filter medium of different pore size, it effectively removes numerous chemical and substance from your water. 

  • Activated carbon: 

It is one of the most commonly used filter mediums. In inline water activated carbon traps the contaminants molecule and binds it with the filter medium. Therefore it doesn’t let the contaminants enter into the water. Activated carbon is very effective for removing chlorine and unpleasant odor from your water.

How Should You Buy an Inline Water Filter – Buyers Guide

Inline water filter is a life-saving option when you want clean and purified water from your faucet. You may found many different brands of inline water filters which do nothing but leave your mind a big hotchpotch. So if you are planning to buy an inline water filter on your own, we will help you. Here we will share some points that will help you in buying an inline water filter

  • Filtration Rate:

 The filtration rate is actually the number of gallons your filter can treat per day. With this, you can estimate the working capacity of your inline filter. Filters with exceptionally high filtration rates are quite expensive but they are of immense use for big families. Therefore, based on the need of your family, choose an inline filter with a suitable filtration rate.

  • Installation Process:

Be it an inline water filter or whole house water filtration system, installation is a tricky process. if you have some plumbing experience then installing an inline water filter underneath your kitchen sink would be a child’s play for you. But for naïve people who want to cut off the extra labor cost, there are certain models of inline water filters that are comparatively easier to install.

  • Capacity:

The majority of the inline filters that are available in the market, usually have a minimum capacity of 3000 gallons and a maximum capacity of 20000 gallons. The capacity of the filter indicates the gallon of water after which you need to change the filter.

A filter with 3000-gallon capacity can easily work up to 6 months whereas a filter with 20,000 gallons would be more than enough for 5 years. When comparing low and high-capacity inline water filters with their prices, you will be amazed to know that there isn’t any significant difference between the two. In fact, the high-capacity inline water filters are cost-saving. As you buy it once and need to change it after 5 years.

  • Certifications:

Certification is one of the important factors that you need to look into when buying an inline water filter. I think if your inline water filter is safety certified, this will give you peace of mind that you are using one of the best water filters in town.

Usually, inline water filters have NSF standard 42 certifications which assure no chlorine taste and odor in water. Very few inline water filters have NSF 53 certifications which claim that the filter will remove lead and heavy metal from water. So depending upon your quality of water chooses an appropriately certified inline water filter.

  • Lifetime of inline Water Filter:

Every product existing in this world has some expected lifetime. The same goes with an inline water filter, it has got some expected time frame after which you will have to change the filter. 

It all depends upon the working of the inline water filter or how much water you put through it. And it varies from family to family.

For a small family of 4 members, water usage will be low, so the life of the inline water filter would be extended as you will not be using it so often. Similarly, for a bigger family where consumption is higher, the expected life of an inline water filter would below.

The best tip to determine when the filter needs a change is to keep a water testing kit with you. After every month, test the water and you will get to know either your filter is doing a great job or not.


what is the best filter for my inline water?

There are many different brands of inline water filter that claims to be the best. But we personally like Watt inline water filter and ECOlife inline water filter as one of the best filters in the market. 

How often do I need to change my filter?

Well, it totally depends upon the brand and filter cartridge you are choosing. Every brand of inline water filter has some specific capacity or filter life, after which you flow rate of water becomes slow. This is the right time when you should change the filter.

What happens if we keep using an inline water filter after its specific lifetime?

If you keep using an inline filter after its stated lifetime, the contaminants would start accumulating on the filter and it filters water at a slower rate. Therefore, you won’t get clean and purified water like before. In short, there would be no use of a water filter. So, it’s recommended to change your filter cartridge before ending its lifespan.


Inline water filters are lifesavers especially when you are facing a tough time in getting crystal-like ice. There are so many different inline water filters available in the market. Choosing the best out of these becomes a tough row to hoe. Based on our experience and knowledge about inline water filters we have recommended a few best inline water filters for you.

  • Impressive capacity of 20,000 gallon
  • Flow rate is 0.5GPM
  •  Uses KDF filter technology
  • Best for refrigerator, ice maker, and coffee brewer
 OUR FIRST RUNNER-UP: Culligan Rv-800 inline water filter 
  • Best suited for RVs, caravans, and boats
  • Sleek and compact
  • Efficiently removes bacteria, dust, and dirt
  • Improves the taste and odor of water


Inline water filters are small and compact size filters that are far more efficient than any other filtration unit. Before planning to buy an inline water filter, make sure to have complete information about the best inline water filter. Besides reviewing and adding some information about the inline water filters, we have gone an extra mile by including a buyer’s guide. I am sure this will definitely help you in choosing the one best inline water filter for your home.

Enjoy fresh spring-like water at the comfort of your home with our best inline water filter.


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