Best Outdoor Water Fountains of 2022

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Water fountains are best for relaxation, best for health, best for peace of mind. People want these things when they buy a fountain to put in their backyard or on their patio. But not all water fountains are created equal. Some may have more difficulties than others, and it’s crucial to understand what you’re getting before making a selection. That’s why we Crafted this blog post about how to find the best outdoor water fountain so that your decision will be made more accessible.

Outdoor water fountains are an excellent thing to have in your backyard or other outdoor space. Some make noise, and others do not, but they all look beautiful. Designs vary from style to color to size and may cost from little money to a lot of money.

The greatest outdoor water fountains are attractive and long-lasting to provide a lovely atmosphere to your outside area for years. Narrowing down the finest outdoor fountain for your space may be tough, so keep reading for some suggestions on selecting the ideal outdoor fountain and learn more about our top picks.


What to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor water fountains come in many different designs. You can choose from small tabletop fountains to tall floor fountains. They are available in many different finishes like natural stone, bamboo, or resins. Think about what type of fountain you want, its size, and how it will be installed when looking for the perfect outdoor water fountain for your space.


  • Water fountains that are not inside a home may be classified into three categories: tabletop, wall-mounted, and freestanding water fountains.
  • Tabletop fountains They are small and easy to move. They are designed for a flat surface, like a patio table.
  • Wall-mounted fountains The weight-saving benefits of these fountains are numerous. They may be installed on the side of a house or attached to the wall, and they don’t take up any table or floor space. If you want to add a water feature to a confined location, this is an excellent choice. These fountains need an installation step, but they may also serve as attractive outdoor wall art once in place.
  • Freestanding fountains On a wall, look fantastic. They’re even more stunning on their own because you can see the natural wood from all angles and distances. They may be used as a focal point or fill a patio corner, requiring only an even floor and access to electricity.


Fountains can be small or big. Small fountains are good for small spaces like patios. But they need less water. Big fountains are good for gardens since they need more water.

Outdoor fountains are heavy. They can weigh anything from a few pounds to well over a thousand pounds, If you have a surface that is sturdy, then it will be okay to put the fountain there. You should not put it on surfaces that might not be able to hold the weight.

Style and Design 

Fountains for outside come in many styles and colors. The fountain should match the decor, like the plants and furniture.

There are many different styles of water fountains. They can be made out of different materials and have different shapes. For example, they might be in the shape of a sphere, or something else. The number and distance between them determine how the water flow will look.


Outdoor features are exposed to sun and bad weather. Choose a material that is strong and easy to clean.

Outdoor elements, such as rain, snow, sun, salt water spray, and humidity can all contribute to the deterioration of materials. The most common materials that endure outside elements are porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic tiles (terra cotta), bamboo planks or lattice panels made of metal or wood outside doors. Polyresin is well-known for its high durability and ease with which it may be molded into different textures that resemble stone or wood.

Fountains are made from water-resistant or waterproof materials. This means that they can also be weather resistant. But sometimes the fountain can get dirty, especially if it’s made from a material other than water-resistant or waterproof. Fountains need to be cleaned every once in a while too, even if they’re outside and made of a different material.

Additional Features

Lighting, rolling-ball features, and built-in foggers can improve the look of an outdoor water fountain.

Built-in lights create a lot of light at night. These lights are good for relaxing or being with friends. They use a type of light called LED, which is a type of light that does not use too much energy.

Some water fountains have a rolling ball that floats on top of the water. Others have a fogger, which creates a mist.

Installation and Location

Choosing a location is one of the first tasks when it comes to selecting an outdoor water fountain. This choice will assist you in determining whether a tabletop, wall-mounted or freestanding fountain is appropriate for you. Keep in mind that water fountains require electricity to run their pump.

Most outdoor water fountains need to be plugged into an outlet. The outlet can be outside or inside your house. Be sure to measure the length of the cord for a regular pump and how much direct sunlight your location gets for a solar-powered pump.

Best Outdoor Water Fountains 2022

Most fountains can be plugged in and filled. Table-top and freestanding fountains need to be plugged in, but wall mounted ones need bolts for the bolts to go through.

1. John Timberland Mason – Best Outdoor Water Fountain for Yard Garden Lawn

John Timberland Mason - Best outdoor water fountain

This fountain from John Timberland is made of stone. It has three tiers, and water trickles down them. It has a warm glow to it because it lights up.

The fountain is 15 inches wide, 16.5 inches deep, and 35 inches tall. It weighs 26 pounds and can fit in a garden or a patio corner.

The John Timberland Mason Outdoor Floor Water Fountain is a charming addition to any garden or patio. The 35″ high x 15″ wide x 16 1/2″ deep fountain has three tiers of water bowls that create a soothing, relaxing sound. Its stone finish and faux rustic stone finish add an elegant touch to your outdoor space. This cast resin construction fountain is lightweight and easy to move from one location to another if necessary.

The John Timberland Mason Outdoor Floor Water Fountain comes with a water pump and 6-foot cord for easy installation in your yard or garden.



2. Alpine Corporation TEC106 – Best Outdoor Patio Water Fountains

Alpine Corporation TEC106 Tiered Classic Fountain

Chirping birds can be a good addition to the garden. If you want a fountain that will attract them, consider this one from Alpine Corporation.

This bird bath is tall and can fit many birds. The water flows and it has a deep part for them to drink from and a shallow part for them to bathe in. It also has a nice finish on it with scroll work on the base. This would be good in your garden or patio.

The Pilar is a 20-inch wide and 35-inch tall garden ornament. It’s composed of a lightweight, weatherproof resin plastic and weighs less than 6 pounds.


3. Alpine Corporation 4-Tiered – Best Outdoor water Fountains for Garden:

Alpine Corporation 4-Tiered Rock Fountain

This nice-looking fountain from Alpine Corporation has a rock finish and four water tiers. It is made out of a resin and fiberglass mix that looks like real rocks. The stones that look like water are stacked on top of each other, to make a waterfall with four levels. The water trickles down each level, to make the sound of a real waterfall. It also makes your porch or garden feel more peaceful.

This standing fountain is 23 inches deep, 18 inches wide, and 40 inches tall. It weighs 48 pounds. A great choice for a backyard or patio.


4. Teamson Home 201601PT – Best outdoor water fountains large for Outdoor Patio

Peaktop 4 Tiered Stacked Stone Waterfall Fountain

A lit-up outdoor fountain can make a dark area of your garden or patio look better. This water fountain from Peaktop features four tiers. Three of the tiers have lights that make the water look glowing and create a cozy atmosphere.

The structure has three tiers of tiered, stone-like columns that provide the water a medieval touch. The lightweight resin finish gives the illusion of stone without the weight, and its realistic gray stone appearance is made of light resin to look like real granite. To add a relaxing fountain and mild illumination to your outside area, this freestanding fountain measures 16.5 inches wide, 15.5 inch deep, and 33 inches tall.


5. John Timberland – Best Outdoor Water Fountain with Led Lights

John Timberland Modern Sphere Zen Outdoor Fountain

John Timberland made this water fountain. It looks like a ball on top of the fountain. Water falls into two bowls below it. The light is under the bowl. It creates a warm glow at night. The different design of this bowl is for people who like modern things, but also want a natural touch.

It has a diameter of 16.5 inches, a depth of 18 inches, and a height of 39.5 inches. Because it’s made from lightweight resin, it’s weatherproof and light at 32 pounds.


6. Alpine Corporation 2-Tier – Best Outdoor Water Fountains for Yard:

Alpine Corporation 2-Tier Rustic Pump Barrel Fountain

This small fountain from Alpine Corporation is perfect for your outdoor space. It has a bronze finish and a pump head design. This barrel-style fountain has a spout that trickles water into two tiers. The fountain is made from lightweight plastic, but it has a fake wood design on top to make it look more realistic. It is also one of the best outdoor drinking water fountains.

The fountain is 16 by 18 inches and 27 inches tall. It weighs 6 pounds. It’s made from durable plastic, and it’s suitable for a freestanding garden or a large centerpiece for a patio table.


7. Bamboo Accents – Best Outdoor Water Fountain for Yard:

Bamboo Accents - Best Outdoor Water Fountain for Yard

Bamboo fountains are good for your garden. They make the place feel more calm and pretty. This bamboo fountain is a minimalist, easy pick. It has three simple arms that make it sound relaxing. The bamboo won’t split or crack, which is good if you plan to put it inside or outside your house.

This set does not include a bowl, so you can put it in the one you want. The holder is 12 inches across and 2.5 inches tall. It fits bowls that are 10 to 20 inches in diameter.



8. Alpine Corporation Tiered – Best Weather resistant Bronze Water Fountain:

Alpine Corporation Tiered Bronze Water Fountain

This fountain has a design that is both industrial and rustic. Alpine Corporation makes it, and it features a six-tier design with six small cups for water to trickle from. A decorative climbing vine adds a playful element to this simple freestanding fountain.

This fountain is big. It is 10 inches wide and 38 inches tall. The design of the fountain is nice. You can put it in your garden or on your porch, but you need to let water flow out of it. It makes a soft sound that you can hear. Plus, this fountain will not rust or break even if it gets wet because it’s made from metal that won’t rust or break easily.”


Cleaning Tips:

Cleaning your fountain is easy. You only need a few drops of dish soap and a soft brush. Do it once or twice a week, depending on how dirty it is.

Replace the refill, give it a good wash, rinse it out, and fill it up again. Cleaning the pump (or filter, if applicable) might be a bit more complicated. But once you get the hang of things, these are also simple tasks.

Before you clean, check to see whether anything is connected to the power source! If your pump does require cleaning, it will have its washing instructions.

How Do I Install a Water Fountain?

When you buy your outdoor water fountain, you will get a manual for setting it up and using it. You can use the manual to set up and start using the water fountain.

Most models come with a plug-in. You can use them at home without any problems. But some people might have issues with this and want it hidden. If that is the case, you should hire an electrician to install your fountain.

The electrician can make your fountain a permanent fixture with underground wiring.

Should I run my fountain pump 24 hours a day?

 Turning on the water fountain can be good. It makes sure that there is no stagnant water or mineral buildup in the pump.

How do I clean my outdoor water fountain?

The cleaning procedure will differ depending on the material type, so following the manufacturer’s instructions is best. A mild scrub brush, warm water, mild soak, and vinegar can usually remove most dirt and gunk from outdoor fountains.

How can I make my water fountain sound better?

Try changing the water level to find your ideal trickling sound.

Do fountains attract mosquitoes? 

Mosquitoes are attracted to water that is not moving. If there is any water left without a pump on, then mosquitoes might come. Turn the pump on so that it does not sit still and let mosquitoes come.

Do I need an electrical point for my fountain?

Yes, all fountains need an electrical connection to operate the motor. The fountain will need to be connected near an electrical outlet. It’s also essential to remember that the electric wire is exposed and will need to be hidden away.

Do I need to clean my outdoor water fountain?

If you keep your fountain under a roof and it is outside, then you can clean the filter once or twice a year. If your water fountain is in an area with no roof, then you will need to clean it more often, depending on the season.

What happens if my water fountain isn’t working?

The water level in the fountain might drop. This will make it hard for the pump to work. If you fill up the fountain with water, then the pump should start working again.

Where can I purchase the best outdoor water fountain?

We recommend that you buy your outdoor water fountain from Amazon. They have a lot of different fountains, and the prices are the best in the industry. If you are a Prime member, then your shipping will be free, and if something is wrong with what you order, there is a way to fix it.

Are outdoor water fountains worth it?

Adding an outdoor water fountain to your backyard will almost certainly improve the appeal of your property if you’re trying to sell it. It might be worth your money for what may potentially be a less expensive landscape element.

What should I look for when buying an outdoor fountain?

Like the one in this picture, the fountain’s accents can be just as essential as the water itself. Lighting, ornamental elements, sound, and color accents are all options. For example, copper accents need some attention, so you must understand what care is required for each accent you are thinking about.

Are fountains expensive to maintain?

The level of maintenance for a water feature is determined by the type you choose. Fountains require considerably less upkeep than ponds. The key to keeping your water feature low-maintenance is choosing a fountain and keeping the pump in excellent working order.

Do cat water fountains use a lot of electricity?

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain consumes a tiny amount of power, with an average usage of 2.5 watts per hour. A 24-hour running uses the same amount of electricity as a 60 watt light bulb does in one hour.

Do resin fountains look cheap?

Of course, if you want a larger or more complex fountain or fixture, you’ll have to pay more. However, the resin is usually rather cheap. While the fact that there are additional costs when it comes to fabricating a fountain is certainly positive in terms of saving money, it’s worth noting that resins degrade at a rapid pace.

Should I leave my water fountain on all the time?

Pumps for water fountains should be left on at all times. It is more difficult on the pump if it is switched on and off frequently. As long as there is enough water in the fountain for the designated length of time, you don’t have to switch your fountain off.

Can you put vinegar in a fountain?

Add a cup or two of filtered white apple cider vinegar to your indoor water fountain to clean and refresh it quickly. Vinegar has antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties that destroy germs on contact. And, perhaps best of all, it’s completely natural and doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals.

What size fountain do I need?

Make a mental note of how many inches the spout is in diameter. Take a tape measure and carefully measure the fountain spout’s diameter. You’ll be calculating gallons per hour, or GPH, by dividing the diameter by 100. For example, if your water fountain spout is 1 inch in diameter: 100 GPH = 1 x 100, your pump will need to be rated at 100 GPH.

Do fountains need electricity?

Water fountains don’t require a lot of electricity, but if you use high-end pumps, they may wind up costing more. Electrical usage will be reduced with less water and power, but the fountain’s impact will also be reduced. The majority of water fountains cost under $50 per month to run for several hours each day.

How do I choose the right size fountain?

The size of the fountain should be based on the amount of space available outside. If your garden or courtyard is small, you may want to go for a tiny or inconspicuous fountain that won’t take up too much room and will fit in a nook.

What is the easiest water feature to maintain?

Bird Bath: This is a low-maintenance and simple water feature that draws wildlife into your outdoor area. A birdbath does not require pumps, filters, or complicated installation. It’s an inexpensive method to add a water element to either your front or backyard at little cost.

Can I put bleach in my garden fountain?

Algae can discolor the water, causing it to become cloudy and unappealing. Algae can severely damage your pump and fountain equipment if left unchecked. Never use chlorine or bleach as an algae remover or cleanser since they may harm your pump and fountains. Chlorine can cause damage to both the pond and its equipment.

Can I put baking soda in my fountain?

A solution of distilled white vinegar and water can be very beneficial in cleaning the fountain surface. If a stubborn scale spot refuses to move, make a paste of baking soda and water and leave it in for a while.

How much does it cost to run a small fountain pump?

Water pumps for most birdbaths and fountains consume anywhere from 2.5 to 23 watts, with costs ranging from $3 to $25 per year for continuous operation. You may check the energy use by looking for its wattage and performing some arithmetic before buying it.

How many watts does a cat fountain use?

A cat fountain pump in the United States is 110 – 120 volts (in Europe, it’s the normal voltage of 220 volts), and a cat water fountain pump has an output of around 4 watts. This might vary somewhat based on the size of the pump.

How do I keep my outdoor fountain from freezing?

Cover the fountain with a tarp or dry burlap bags and tie it down. Covering it will keep water, ice, and snow from accumulating.

How long do fountain pumps last?

Your pump should last a year, if not three to five years, if well looked after. The life of your pump will be prolonged by maintaining it as much as possible. Second, the water will stay cleaner.

Why does my fountain lose water?

Evaporation is the most common reason for water loss in a new pond, fountain, or pondless waterfall. Evaporation occurs even when it’s hot outside, particularly in the summer. Low edges are simple to create and are caused by having a lower portion of a liner than the water level.

How much hydrogen peroxide should I put in my fountain?

For regular maintenance, use roughly 3/4 to 1 ounce of peroxide per 100 gallons of water once a week.

What do you use to seal a water fountain?

Spray, or use a paintbrush to apply spray concrete or terra cotta sealer to the inside and outside surfaces of the fountain reservoir. You can do it either way.

Why is my fountain water red?

It’s a form of algae that lives in water and has an active pigment that reflects the strong sun rays.


Outdoor water fountains are nice to have outside your house. The water trickles down and makes a soothing sound. Different water fountains look different, but some are more expensive than others. I hope you get one of these!

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