4 Best Portable Water Softeners [2022] – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Are you a full-time RVer? Are you tired of blocked pipes in your RV? Have you observed unsightly stains on your RV appliances? If that is so, then we are here with the solution.

Install a portable RV water softener in your RV, Marine, or boat and get rid of blocked pipes and limescale build-up on your appliances.

Portable water softeners are on-the-go water softeners that work in a similar fashion as a whole house water softener. But the interesting part is, you can carry it with you on your recreational trips in your RV.

Imagine, carrying a hard water filter on your vacations!

It’s not more than a big hassle. You will have to face lots of trouble.

So why not install the best portable water softener for RV and enjoy soft and pure water throughout your trip.

Best Portable Water Softeners

Types of RV Water Softener:

Salt-Free Portable Water Softener:

As the name indicates, salt-free water softener does not use salt to soften the water. Rather they use some other chemicals to soften the water.  Let me tell you one thing, actually, they do not soften the water, instead of this, these units descale conditions the water.  This means you won’t get rid of hardness causing elements. They are still there in your water but in other forms that is crystal. This way these elements won’t cause limescale build-up. Therefore, your plumbing and appliances will remain safe and sound.

Salt-Based Portable Water Softener:

Salt-based water softener works by using salt. These water softening units remove calcium and magnesium ions from the water in exchange for sodium ions. Most RV owners prefer a Salt-based water softener, as it will completely protect your RV’s plumbing system from hard water damages.

Magnetic Portable RV Water Softener:

This type of water softener creates a magnetic field around the pipe in order to soften water. The magnetic field will change the properties of hard minerals which in turn converts hard water into soft water. Magnetic water softeners are really very simple to install. But there is a downside to it. They do not remove calcium and magnesium from water rather they change their properties. This way calcium and magnesium will still there in the water.

If you are on a budget and can’t afford salt-based and salt-free water softener, then a magnetic water softener could be a perfect option for your RV, since they are smaller in size.

Best Portable Water Softeners 2022:

This article will talk all about portable water softeners. For your ease, we have reviewed some best portable RV water softeners that promise to improve water quality and protect your RV water system and appliances.

Reviews are then followed by a brief and concise buying guide, which will help you in choosing the best RV water softener.

So let’s check out the best portable water softener 2022.

List of Top rated Portable Water Softeners of 2022:

1. On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT – Best Portable Water Softener

On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT Best Portable Water Softener

OTG 4 is one of the best portable water softeners that is specifically designed for RV and Marine users so that they can enjoy pure and soft water for the upcoming years.

 OTG features a built-in carry handle that makes it easier to carry and store. 

Apart from this, it features a standard garden hose connection between the park faucet and your RV/ Marine. Not only this, it does not require any electricity to work.

After wintering in Nevada last November, I brought this one home. Because of the risk of freezing, I never set it up. We replaced our 5rh wheel in April, and after a few months, I observed deposits on the kitchen faucet sprayer as well as hard water streaks on the glass in the shower.

Then I installed the softener, and it’s amazing how much better the clothes come out of the washer, with no marks on the shower glass or build-up on the faucets. Our skin is considerably softer now that there is less ice in our drinks. I’m confident that all of the plumbing and associated equipment will last a lot longer.

I’ve learned to cover the softener with a plastic garbage can and a light for the winter. The hardness of the water was measured at 480 ppm before installation, but it decreased to less than 40 after installation.

You can store OTG portable water softener anywhere in your RV or Marine, it is so compact in size that is 22 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide in diameter. So it can easily be stored anywhere. it can even be installed at the tightest place without any fear.

When it comes to capacity, OTG has beaten other water portable softener of the same category.

OTG features 16,000 grains of capacity, which means it can produce 40% more soft water than any other unit in the market.

The capacity is good enough for 40 days which means you can enjoy soft and pure water for more than a month on your recreational trip. Or in other words, it provides 1600 gallons of soft water till the regeneration process.

Moreover, the regeneration process is quite simple. It only requires 2 boxes of common table salt for regeneration. Interestingly, you will have to wait just for 30 minutes for its regeneration process. After that OTG is ready to supply fresh and pure water all again.

  • Largest compact RV water softener
  • The quick and simple regeneration process
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • High flow rate with a low-pressure drop
  • Some people reports leak at the fittings.



2. Watts RV PRO-1000 – Best portable water softener for rv

Watts RV PRO-1000 Best portable water softener for rv

If you are in search of portable water with high grain capacity, then Watts water technologies can quench your thirst. They have launched a  user-friendly and competitively priced water softener  that has got amazing water softening capacity that is 10,000 gallons.

Let’s meet, Watts M7002 flow-Pur- RV pro water softener.

It weighs only 24 lbs, making it one of the most lightweight and portable water softener.

I simply love its compactness, it’s so compact in size that it can be installed anywhere and the best part is, its installation process is quite simple.

You can do it all by yourself.

Besides this,   it features a unique valve design with the help of which you can regenerate it without disconnecting. 

For additional stability and security of the water softener unit, you will find a full cradle base that gives it stability especially when you are on the move.

This is a fantastic softener. Full satisfaction, on the other hand, begins with an understanding of how water softeners work and recognizing that this isn’t a $1000 or more big-name whole-house system but rather a tiny, portable RV-type device to begin with. To be clear, it works just as well as a $1000 unit; you must regen it manually and regenerate it more frequently than a large house-sized device.

Apart from this, it features a  built-in drain line vortex flow restrictor , which makes the regeneration process quite effective so that its capacity increase by 55%.

Flow-Pur’s RV pro 10,000 water softener effectively removes calcium and magnesium from your water and converts it into soft water so that you will enjoy soft water throughout your trip.

Moreover, it has got a high flow rate that is 4 gallons per minute. Flow-Pur RV pro 10,000 water softener promises to give you soft and pure water with no pressure drop at all.

There is no harm in saying that Watt’s Flow Pur RV water softener is one of the best rated portable water softeners on my list.

  • Uses common table salt for regeneration
  • Allows regeneration without disconnecting
  • Supply water with a high flow rate
  • 55% more efficient than other units
  • Comes with a set of accurate hardness strip tests
  • Built-in hose fitting is tricky to operate.



3. Mobile-Soft-Water – Best portable water softener for car wash

Mobile-Soft-Water - Best portable water softener for car wash

Mobile soft portable water softener is one of the top-rated water softeners that can not only be used in RV’s and Marine but can also be used for car wash applications.

It effectively removes calcium, magnesium, and other hard elements from your water and makes it perfect to be used. This way it protects your vehicles and other appliances.

Mobile soft water softener is quite compact in size. It measures 9.2 inches in diameter and 21.6 inches in height, making it an excellent water softener to be kept in RVs.

You can easily fit it into any storage unit without swapping items.

The tank is made up of a fiberglass reinforced plastic pressure vessel, which is designed to operate at high pressure.

Besides this, it offers a  high flow rate of up to 5 grains per minute .

This means, filling buckets and tanks is just a matter of a few minutes.

Apart from this, you will be amazed to know its grain capacity which is 16,000 grains. This is simply amazing when it comes to a portable water softener.

You can enjoy months of pure and soft water till it requires regeneration.

The regeneration process is quite simple. Just add common salt and that’s it!

  • Delivers 1600 gallons of soft water
  • Made up of NSF certified material
  • Best for car washing
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • You have to buy some necessary connecting parts with it.



4. RV Water Softener – Best rated portable water softener

4. Best rated portable RV Water Softener

Here is the last one that is from the house of soft pro water systems store. Soft Pro is a renowned name when it comes to water solutions.

This portable RV water softener is manufactured by Soft Pro water systems and it’s simply amazing.

If you are in need of a high capacity water softener for your vacations then Soft Pro portable RV water softener can definitely pause your need.

This water treating unit is so compact and easy to carry. You can carry it anywhere with you and keep it in any cabinet.

Besides this, it is really very easy to hook up. You just need a couple of minutes to set it and you are done.

This water softening unit efficiently removes calcium, magnesium, and other hard minerals from water and thereby it protecting your appliances from long-term damage.

Also, you will enjoy soft skin and shiny hairs on your vacations and that’s because of the Soft Pro Portable RV water system.

As far as the capacity of this potable water softener is concerned, it will not disappoint you. It can effectively soften 16,000 grains of water easily.

The connectors are simple to attach. It is both quick and painless to hook up. It provides clean water and is so inexpensive to operate that it should be provided by everyone in a resort or campsite.

Moreover,  the regeneration process is quite simple. Like other portable water softeners, it requires simple table salt for regeneration. 

Besides being one of the best portable water softeners, it is one of the most durable water softeners on my list. It can withstand all the harsh weather and temperatures easily. Thanks to its black boot construction.

Soft Pro Portable water softener is your perfect vacation partner, indeed.

  • Easy to haul
  • Lightweight
  • Weather and temperature resistant
  • Best portable water softener for washing cars
  • Instructions are not clear in manual



Factors Consider While Buying a Best Portable Water Softener:

Choosing the best portable water softener can be a difficult task especially when you are buying it for the very first time. But let me tell you, if you are buying a portable water softener for your RV’s then it would be a lifetime investment. Every time you or your friend uses your RV, he will get complete benefit from it.

Let’s come to the point!

Portable water softeners are more or less similar to the whole house water softener, but you need to keep few things in mind as you are purchasing it for your recreational purpose.

Type of Portable Water Softener:

First, decide which type you are going to buy. Generally speaking, most RV owners prefer buying salt-based portable water softener as it efficiently removes hard minerals from the water. Though they are a little bit expensive but trust me, it’s a one-time investment. In addition to this, it utilizes salt which may be harmful to people who are on a sodium-restricted diet.

But don’t worry, we have other two options as well, that are: salt-free water softener and magnetic water softener, which are quite affordable. How do they work? Check out types of RV water softener.

Size of a Portable Water Softener:

Make sure that the portable water softener that you are going to buy must have an appropriate size. By appropriate I mean, a size that suits well to your recreational vehicle. A water softening unit should be compatible with the space that your vehicle has. The size should be such that that can be carry and placed anywhere.

Believe me; a portable water softener for you RV will add more value to your vacation trip.

 The capacity of RV Water Softener:

The capacity of a water softening system is defined as, how much hardness it can remove before it needs to regenerate. If you need to get rid of many grains of hard water every week, then you should buy a water softener that has a large capacity. Most of the RV water softener has a grain capacity of more than 15,000 grains.

Remember choosing a water softener of lower capacity than your need is simply a waste of money. So it is advisable to calculate how much grain capacity will be needed. For this, just multiply the GPG value by the number of gallons of water that your family consumed.

Flow Rate of Portable Water Softener:

Flow rate is defined as the speed of filtered and soft water that a water softening system provides in form of a gallon per minute.

You know Different models of water softener supplies water with different flow rates.

But you have to keep in mind that the larger the grain capacity of the water softener, the higher will be the flow rate and vice versa. So before buying a portable water softener, calculate the amount of water you would use and accordingly its peak flow rate that you would require.


There are some units that require more maintenance than the other. Of course, you don’t have enough time in your busy schedule to maintain the water softener frequently. So it is preferable to look for a water softener that requires less maintenance

Yes, there are certain water softeners that require no maintenance at all but of course, they are a bit costly.

So before purchasing a water softener keep in mind your budget, your schedule, and the maintenance process.

Ease of Installation:

Make sure that the water softener you are planning to buy must be easy to install. The installation process should not be much complicated. Otherwise, you will have to pay hundreds of bucks to the plumber for installing the unit in your RV. The installation process should be so easy that even a layman can install it.

Do portable water softeners work?

Portable water softeners are great for those who don’t have a permanent installation in their home. Portable water softeners are small and light enough to carry around. They are compact and easy to store. These water softeners also help you conserve water, which is a great perk.

Do Portable Water Softeners Work?

A portable water softener works just like a permanent water softener. They are connected to a water supply and filter out the hard minerals in the water. In this case, the hard minerals are calcium and magnesium.

These minerals can damage your pipes and appliances. They also cause stains and scale on your sinks and tubs. If you want to have a soft water supply in your home, a portable water softener is a great option.

A portable water softener will cost between $100 and $500. It is important to keep in mind that you need to purchase one for every person in your household.

Our Verdict:

Portable RV water softeners will keep you and your RV safe from hard water damages. It will not only beneficial for your appliances but your skin and hairs as well. And of course, you can’t ignore your skin and hairs even on a road trip. So it’s the best way to care for them.

As per our verdict is concerned, I would suggest Watts M- 7002 flow-Pur RV water softener as one of the best water softeners. And it’s all because of the amazing features it has. In short, it’s worth buying a portable RV water softener.

Which brand of a water softener is the best?

BEST OVERALL: AFW Filters Iron Pro 2 Water Softener.

RUNNER UP: Fleck 5600SXT 64,000 Grain Water Softener

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