Top 6 Best Water Pressure Booster Pumps Reviews [2022]

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What can be more frustrated than filling a bathtub with low-pressure water? Nothing! It feels as if it takes years to fill the bathtub with hot water. Also, laundry washing in an automatic machine takes more time than the mentioned estimated time, because of low water pressure.

I can feel how pathetic it feels as I have experienced it too. If you are in the same boat then I will suggest you install a water pressure booster pump. They are indeed a lifesaver.

These booster pumps are actually simple pumps that increase the pressure of your home’s water along with an increase in pressure. This way filling the bathtub will require only 3-4 minutes. Amazing right! Residential water pressure booster systems are really very simple and easy to install. You won’t need any professional plumber or high-end tools to do so, even a simple wrench can help you do so.

Keeping in mind your need, we have reviewed the best water pressure booster pumps so that you can decide and choose the best one for yourself.

Let’s begin!

Best Water Pressure Booster Pumps Reviews

Here is the list of the best water pressure boosters pumps that will increase the water pressure.

  1. Kolerflo 120 Watt
  2. Zodiac pb4-60 Polaris Booster Pump
  3. Simer 3/4 HP Water Pressure Booster Pump
  4. Davey Water Products Booster Pumps
  5. Burcam Dual Use Water Pressure Booster Pump
  6. Grundfos 115-Volt Water Pressure Booster Pump

1. KOLERFLO 120W- Best Water Pressure Booster Pump

Increasing your home’s water pressure is not an expensive game especially when you find a Kolerflo water pressure booster pump on your list. It is one of the most economical ways of boosting water pressure.

KOLERFLO 120W- Best Water Pressure Booster Pump

Kolerflo boosts your home’s water pressure by about 20 psi above the current water pressure along with an impressive flow rate that is 25 liter per minute.

I put a booster next to my shallow well pump. The pressure in the house is better now. I’m not having any more problems on the second floor.

I put a Shark Bite check valve before the Booster Pump. You can see that I gained about a 20 PSI boost in pressure by looking at the gauges. This pump is quieter than my shallow well pump, according to several people who have reviewed it. So far, I’m very pleased with the quality and performance of this little booster pump.

With Kolerflo domestic water pressure booster pump, say bye to the low pressure of water.

The worth mentioning point about Kolerflo 120 watt pressure booster pump is its ease of installation. It’s so simple and easy to install that even a layman can easily install it. All you need to have is a wrench. This way it saves the plumber’s cost as well.

Apart from this, it is immensely noiseless. Normally water pressure booster pumps make lots of noise pollution thereby disturbing the residents of the home. With Kolerflo you won’t even listen to a single sound wave of noise. Its the best Overall Product as Customer have good reviews saying: Works very well, Great Pump Added 20 PSI to my RV. Tonya Vaughn says: I’m very pleased with the purchase. It’s relatively quiet and keeps the pressure on. 

  • All brass fittings
  • Easy to install
  • Increases the water pressure by 20 psi
  • It is not a true DIY product. You need to have some plumbing knowledge to install it.


2. Zodiac PB4-60 – Polaris Booster Pump Review

If you own a swimming pool and faces challenges with low pressure for better pool cleaning, then Zodiac PB4-60 is the right choice for you.

KOLERFLO 120W- Best Water Pressure Booster Pump

Zodiac PB4-60 is specially designed to be used in swimming pools with Polaris side pool cleaners. This booster pump is quite efficient as it has got 3/4HP of the motor. With the help of this powerful motor, it delivers a high-pressure stream of water that is up to 45 Psi.

The motor in my 10 year old Polaris PB4-60 seized up. I found a new one called Zodiac that would cost $600 to replace and it is cheaper than the pool company’s estimate.

The pump arrived in excellent condition, and there was no damage to the box. The new QuickConnect hardware was simple to set up as well. Both the incoming and return lines had enough hose to replace.

Jullie said: I was only able to figure out what voltage I was using after some trial and error. The main problem I encountered was determining what voltage (should I have checked the wiring configuration of the previous unit before tossing it). Because the device is set for 220, I simply connected it in and turned it on, but when I did so, it ran for approximately 1 minute – overheated and shut off.

It turns out that the outlet was 115 and I needed to check the wiring diagram to change the plugs. My Polaris pressure side cleaner has been operating smoothly since I finished. It was my first time working on or replacing any swimming pool equipment, so I utilized a screwdriver and knife instead of an electrical tool. If you’re concerned, I’m sure you can do it.

Interestingly, while supplying high-pressure water, it hardly makes any noise.

As far as its installation is concerned, it is so simple and easy to install. All thanks to its innovative connectors that simplify the installation process. Also, the user manual has detailed instructions about its installation process.

Zodiac PB4-60 is one of the best water pressure booster pumps that you can install with yourself without any help.

  • Saves up to 55% of energy
  • Large volute seal-o-ring that makes it leakproof
  • Quick and easy installation
  • If you are installing it on your own, its warranty will be voided.


3. Simer 4075SS-01 – Best Pressure Booster Pump for well

Simer 4075SS is ideal for boosting water pressure in residential buildings.

Simer 4075SS-01 - Best Pressure Booster Pump for well

It features a 0.75 HP motor that is powerful enough to supply water with increased pressure of 40 PSI while guaranteeing a 24 GPM flow rate.

This way you can enjoy a speedy and refreshing shower.

The Simer 4075SS pump is constructed using high-quality stainless steel which is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Besides this, it features a unique technology of automatic pressure controller, which maintains the water pressure as soon as it realizes a drop in water pressure.

Richard says: I have a hard time getting this bit of kit to work well on my second floor since there isn’t enough pressure. The only issue I’ve discovered while using it is the pump’s noise level. If you put it in a basement, you won’t hear it at all. I placed mine in my laundry room where my water system is, but rather than no water pressure, I’d take a little noise every now and then over having no water pressure.

I appreciate the fact that I now have a typical lining, rather than a home where the water was too sluggish. The pressure dramatically improved, but it’s incredibly noisy. We are actually seeking to move elsewhere in the house due to an oversight on our part and because we didn’t know about it.

Also, it features a 6 ft power cord, which you can plug in any 3 prong outlet.

As far as its installation is concerned, its installation is quite simple and a cup of tea for everyone. Also, it’s really very easy to maintain.

Simer 4075ss gives high water pressure from every tap of your house. There is no doubt in saying that Simer 4075ss is one of the best whole house water pressure booster systems.

  • Rugged and robust construction
  • Increase water pressure 40 psi
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quite noisy



4. Davey BT20-30T2-USA – Best Pressure Booster Pump for Home

Made up of stainless steel casing, the pump’s casing and its impellers are quite durable and long-lasting.

Davey BT20-30T2-USA - Best Pressure Booster Pump for home

Davey water pressure booster pumps add up to 50 psi to your existing water pressure while maintaining a slow rate of 20 gallons per minute. Thanks to its 1 HP motor that makes it extra efficient.

In addition to this, the Davey water pressure booster comes with an intelligent Torrium 2 controller that monitors incoming water pressure. Not only this, but it also provides adaptive starting and dry run protection.

It would not be wrong if I say that Davey’s water pressure booster pump is portable and quite handy. Its compact size indicates that it is quite simple to install.

Davey pressure booster pumps are the perfect choice for large homes.

  • With intelligent Torrium 2 controller
  • Powerful motor
  • Yields water pressure of 50 psi.
  • Little bit expensive



5. Bur-Cam 506532SS- Best booster pump for well

BurCam is not only a water pressure booster pump but also it is a well jet pump. Wow! A single product serves dual purposes.

Bur-Cam 506532SS- Best booster pump for well

The entire pump is made up of stainless steel which is resistant to rust and corrosion.

As far as its power is concerned, BurCam 506532SS has got a motor of 0.75 HP which requires 115 Volts to work properly. It increases your home’s water pressure up to 65 PSI while providing water with a 15 GPM flow rate.

Talking about its well jet pump function, its motor is powerful enough to lift water up to an impressive height of 25 feet. Now extracting well water is no more a tedious task.
The worth mentioning point about BurCam is it doesn’t require an external pressure tank or pressure switch. Usually, we need them while using groundwater. But with BurCam you don’t need any such thing as it is electronically and automatically controlled.

BurCam is quite easy to install. This is indeed one of the best domestic water pressure boosters pumps that you can install in your home easily. Some of the happy customers says: Perfect for my house, Great pump to augment low city water pressure , I’ve tried 3 similar pumps, this is by far the best, Pressure is good and motor runs cool and last long, Much better than the pump that it replaced, Good pump…I’d buy it again if I ever needed to.

  • Serves as a well jet pump
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • With 10 ft of cord
  • Requires a water pressure regulator before the inlet of the pump



6. Grundfos MQ3-45- Best Water Pressure Booster Pump for Home

Grundfos MQ3-45- Best Water Pressure Booster Pump for Home

If you are in search of a complete all-in-one system, then the Grundfos pressure booster pump is the right choice for you, as it includes a diaphragm tank and booster pump.

Grundfos pressure pumps feature an impressive 1HP motor that increases water pressure up to 45 psi.

It has amazing self-priming features which makes it easy to operate. Also, it protects against the dry run, thereby increasing the life of the tool.

Adding more into safety-related feature, Grundfos MQ3- 45 water pressure booster pump has an automated built-in alarm that quickly detects overheating pump and no water flow.

A lot of customers are happy about its noiseless operation. It produces less noise, which is quite hard to hear.

So if you are habitual of operating dishwasher at night, Grundfos water pressure booster pump will provide you high pressure of water for dishwashing with almost no disturbing noise.

I adore this water pump. For over 13 years, I’ve been using the same brand and had no issues. It’s simple to install and runs quietly when in use. I strongly suggest you purchase one of these pumps.

  • Amazing performance
  • Durable construction
  • Quite noisy
  • includes built-in check valve, flow sensor, and controller
  • Pathetic customer service


How do I choose a pressure booster pump?

Choosing a pressure booster pump is not a simple task. There are so many things that need to be considered before buying a pump. It will be tough to decide because there are many different factors to consider.

One of the most important things that you need to consider when choosing a pump is the flow rate that you need. You must select a pump that will deliver the water you need to your pool. It will be hard to tell how much water you will need because it depends on many factors, such as your pool size, the temperature of your pool, and the weather.

If you are not sure what flow rate you need, you can always have a professional check it out. They will be able to give you an accurate estimate of how much water you will need to get in and out of your pool.

Types of Booster Pumps:

There are three types of pressure booster pumps:

Pressure boosting pumps

Power boosting pumps

Water boosting pumps

Pressure boosting pumps

These pumps have a built-in booster that increases the pressure of the pumped water. They are used for small-scale water pumping and transferring water from a garden hose to a faucet. These pumps are usually found in residential applications and can cost between $50 and $500.

Power boosting pumps

These pumps have a built-in booster that increases the water’s power. They are used for transferring water from a garden hose to a faucet. These pumps are usually found in commercial applications and can cost between $100 and $2000.

Water boosting pumps

These pumps have a built-in booster that increases the volume of water pumped. They are used for transferring water from a garden hose to a faucet.These pumps are usually found in commercial applications and can cost between $50 and $3000.

What type of pump is used in houses?

Pumps are used in homes to remove sewage and water from septic tanks and drains. They use an impeller to generate pressure and force water through a drain system.

 There are three types of pumps in homes: air pumps, water pumps, and electric pumps. Air pumps circulate air through a room, allowing air to move through a space, making it cool or warm. Electric pumps are generally used to drain water out of a bathtub or sink and can also be used to wash hands or dishes. Water pumps are generally used to transfer water from one source to another.


How Does a Water Pressure Booster Pump Work?

A booster pump has a fan-type structure inside it. When it runs, the fan’s blade pushes water at a comparatively faster rate and higher pressure than before.

Installing a Water Pressure Booster Pump

  • First of all, look for an appropriate place for installing a water pressure booster pump. Usually, they are installed just after the main water shut-off valve and it’s mostly located in the basement of your house if you are from USA. Choose a solid base on which you mount your pump.
  • After selecting the place now take the correct measurement so that you have a clear idea about how much of the mainline you have to cut.
  • Now, turn off the main water line and drain the existing water from the piping.
  • Cut the required pipe section to install the booster pump with the help of a tube cutter tool.
  • Now install the booster pump into the main water line.
  • Turn on the water to check any signs of leaking
  • Now plug in your water pressure booster pump. It’s ready to supply water with increasing pressure and flow rate.
  • Installing water pressure booster pumps is not a cup of tea for everyone. Consult a professional plumber for doing so.

Are water pressure booster pumps necessary?

In multiple-story buildings usually, the one who lives on the top floor suffers from the low water pressure. If you experience low pressure and low flow rate of water from any of your faucet that fails to meet your requirements, then it is advisable to install a pressure booster pumps which makes your life easy.

How do I determine which size water pressure booster pump?

If you know the exact water pressure of your home you can easily determine what size of water booster pump will be suitable for you. For instance, your current water pressure is about 15 psi and you want a 40psi water pressure. The majority of the water booster pumps are rated in feet head. By using the below-mentioned formula you can easily get a feet of head value that will help you choose the best water pressure booster pump

PSI x 2.31= feet head

Feet head X 0.433 =PSI

Are water pressure booster pumps expensive?

Yes, they are. But trust me’ their prices are justified when your bathtub fills within seconds.

How long do water pressure booster pumps last?

Usually, a good water pressure booster pump may last up to 8-10 years. They can last few more years if you regularly do their service and maintenance.

Do water pressure booster pumps require regular maintenance?

Yes, like every other machinery they require regular preventive maintenance and service.


Water pressure is an important feature that people look for while shifting to a new house. It is quite irritating to stand beneath the shower and experienced low pressure and flow of water. It not only spoils your mood but also delays your day-to-day activity. Water pressure booster pumps are the best solution to this problem. All the above reviewed whole house water pressure boosters are of top-notch quality with great performance, but my vote goes to Simer 3075SS and Zodiac PB4-60 pressure booster pump, as it has all the features that should be there in an ideal water pressure booster pump.

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