Best Water Softener Cleaner Reviews [2022]

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A water softener is the need of every home now. We all have it in our home, and we all use it. But there comes a time in the year when we experience reduced water pressure and low water softening capacity. That’s the time when we need to regenerate our water softener systems with the best water softener cleaner.

Regeneration sans water softener resin cleaner will not be as effective as it would be with water softener cleaner.

Water softener cleaner literally gives new life to your water softener’s resin bed. This way, it improves the softening capacity of your water softener along with increasing water pressure.

Using a water softener cleaner is like giving a spa- treatment to your resin bed. After which, your family will enjoy a cleaner, metal-free, and odourless water.

Best Water Softener Cleaner


List of Top-rated Water Softener Cleaner of 2022

Best Water Softener Cleaner 2022

In short, Water softener cleaners are of immense importance. That’s why we have decided to write  reviews of some best water softener cleaners of 2022. This way, you will be able to choose one best water softener cleaner for your softening system.

Let’s dive in. to know what is the best water softener cleaner?

1. RO65N Rust Out – Best Water Softener Cleaner And Iron Remover:

Water Softener CleanerPro products R065N water softener cleaner and iron remover is an ideal product for those families where well water is being supplied. The reason is, well water is rich in iron, and water softeners hold the iron. This way, we need a product that cleans the water softener and removes the iron build-up from the system.

Thanks to Pro Product R065N Rust out water softener cleaner and iron remover.

R065N rust out water softener effectively converted the iron and rust into a clear liquid and rinsed it away when the softener regenerates.

Let me tell you, removing iron build-up from the mineral bed is the most challenging job, which the normal regeneration process can’t do. For this purpose, you need to add something which forcefully pulls the accumulated iron and rust from the mineral bed. R065N is a perfect product for this purpose.

Apart from this, it is quite simple to use. Just dissolve one cup of R065N in a half-gallon of cold water and pour it directly into the brine well. That’s it!

For softeners that do not have a brine tank, pour into the salt tank when the salt level is low.

 R065 is not only to be used in the water softener, rather it can be used for general purpose cleanings such as for removing rust stains from the dishwasher, glassware, fabrics, or white cloth. 

Indeed it’s a highly recommended water softener cleaner.

  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective against iron and rust stain
  • Can be used for general cleaning
  • Its odor is quite unpleasant



2. Mate – Best Water Softener Cleaner and Salt Booster Powder:

Outfilter water softenerWell, OUT filter mate is not just a water softener rather it’s a multipurpose product. OUT filter mate can also be used as a cleaner and salt booster.

It increases your water softener’s work efficiency and life by reducing the iron build-up from the mineral bed. Not only this, but it also removes limescale build-up, minerals and tannins, and other water contaminants from your water softener.

OUT water softener cleaner can also be used as a salt booster. So, you cannot deny the fact that OUT filter mate is an ideal water softener resin cleaner when you have a salt-based water softener in your home. It literally does magic in your softener’s brine tank.


 The best thing about OUT filter mate water softener is that it is perfect for city water. 

In addition to all it, OUT filter mate is a versatile product that will surely make you happy. You can use it for cleaning various household fixtures and appliances. Indeed it’s an all-rounder product.

  • Affordable
  • Versatile cleaner
  • Best for city water
  • Not suitable for waters with high iron content



3. Ecopure EPCL – Best Water Softener Resin Cleaner:

Ecopure univeral Water Softener CleanerOwning a water softener is not a big deal. The real deal is to keep it clean and well- maintained. This way your water softener will perform exceptionally well. ECOPURE water softener is ideally designed for this purpose.

It maintains your water softeners’ peak performance and efficiency and this way you will get pure and healthy water all around the year.

ECOPURE water softener will help remove all harmful deposits from the resin bed. This includes iron, sediments, dirt, and rust from your water softeners resin bed.

Ideally, it is recommended to use ECOPURE water softener after every 4 months in a water softener. And the best part is, it is compatible with every brand of the water softener.

Isn’t it impressive?

Now you don’t have to buy a water softener cleaner that goes perfect with your water softener brand. ECOPURE water softener works well with anyone be it whirlpool, Omni, Culligan, or any other water softener.

ECOPURE water softener is literally one of the  user-friendly cleaners.  You don’t need to prepare a mixture by mixing the powder with water, just pour the content of the bottle into the brine tank and that’s it!

Your water softener’s efficiency is improved now!

  • A universal water softener
  • Easy to use
  • Improves the efficiency of your system
  • Whirlpool water softener cleaner
  • No worth mentioning cons yet



4. PRO RUST OUT Water Softener Cleaner and Rust Remover:

Water Softener CleanerPRO Product LLC is known for manufacturing reliable, high quality, and cost-effective products that offer amazing solutions to multiple water softener needs. This is the reason we have chosen one more water softener from the banner of PRO PRODUCT.

PRO RUST OUT will meet cleaning needs with great efficiency. If you have Pro rust-out water softener in your home, your sinks and tubs will be free from any rust stains.

Yes, you got it right!

 PRO rust out water softener is actually a water softener cleaner but it also cleans and removes the rust stains from tiles, sinks, and bathroom tubs

When it comes to cleaning of water softener, PRO rust out effectively does so. It increases the performance of your water softener by removing the harmful elements from the resin beds. It kicks outs the accumulated iron and other minerals from the resin bed. This way you will enjoy tasty and healthy water with no bad smell in it.

PRO RUST OUT water softener comes in a liquid form, which means you won’t have to prepare slurry to be used in the brine tank. Just pour 4 ounces of PRO RUST OUT water softener into every bag of water softener salt.

  • Removes iron and rust stains
  • Economically priced
  • Can be used for general purpose cleaning of tubs and sinks
  • Users experiences after taste in water after initial cleaning with it



5. RESCARE Water Softener Cleaner Review:

Rescare Water Softener cleanerSuppose you are experiencing a bad odour in water along with dirty red stains on your plumbing. In that case, it’s the signs that your water softener needs some extraordinary cleaning and regeneration job.

The normal regeneration process cannot remove stubborn iron and lead minerals from the resin bed. For his purpose RESCARE, water softeners are used.

 RESCARE is a liquid formula formulated to get rid of iron, magnesium, calcium, and other minerals accumulated on the resin bed. 

Once these resin beds get rid of these stubborn minerals, the water softener will revive and works with great performance. water softener resin bed cleaner function well to clean the water softener. 

In just single-use, you will enjoy crystal clear water with no odour at all.

RESCARE water softener cleaner is really very simple to use. Simply fill the brine tank with the contents of the bottle and regenerate it.

Furthermore, detailed usage instructions are there on the pack. You can simply follow it.

RESCARE water softener comes in a sealed pet bottle, which makes it easy to use but its packing is not durable. Some people might experience some leakage.

Overall, it’s a RESCARE RK41N is a highly powerful water softener cleaner that gives your system a new life.

  • A reliable water softener cleaner
  • Works well with salt-based water softener
  • Increases the life of your resin bed
  • Packaging needs to be improvised


Do water softener cleaners work?

A water softener works by passing water through a device that removes minerals and other contaminants. The minerals are then discarded and replaced with clean water. The water softener cleanses the water by passing it through a series of filters and ion-exchange resins.

The filters and resins are made up of materials that attract the minerals. As the water passes through these filters and resins, the minerals are removed. Once the water has been softened, it is ready to be used.

Our Verdict:

There is no harm in saying that water softener cleaners enhance the performance of your water softener. This way you will have pure and healthy water that can be used for drinking, cooking, washing, and bathing purpose. Your skin and hairs will glow more naturally than ever, As Water softener cleaners will help you get rid of harmful elements in your water. So if you really love your family then next time treat your water softener with the best water softener cleaner and witness the change by yourself.

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