5 Best Water Softener Salt – Reviews & Buying Guide [2022]

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A perfect water softening system highly depends upon the quality of salt you choose to soften the hard water. Hard water contains some harmful minerals, which result in dry skin, faded clothes, stain, and rust on sinks bathtubs.

To deal with these problems, all you need the best water softener salt that could maximize the reduction of harmful minerals.

Here is the deal!

After deep and thorough research on various salts available in the market, we have gathered 5 best water softening salt for your ease and comfort.

Best water softener salt

All you want to do is just scroll down, and I guarantee you, in the end, you will be able to make a successful decision.

Best Water Softener Salt Reviews 2022

Considering the importance of water softening salt for your households, this article has some certified and authentic softening salt that won’t disappoint you in life.

Best salt for water softener:

  • Morton Clean and Protect II
  • Morton Salt 1501
  • Diamond Crystal Water Softener salt
  • Dishwasher Salt
  • Morton Salt Morton F124700000g

We have analyzed the best products according to user reviews so that you can select the best water softener salt.

List of best salt for water softener 2022


1. Morton Clean and Protect II – Best Water Softener Salt

Morton Clean and Protect II - Best Water Softener SaltMorton Clean & Protect ll salt for water softener comes in a handsome amount of 40lb.

Morton clean comes from a line of Morton’s system sever series and got high customer satisfaction. Hence this system saver pallet has the efficiency to prevent brine tanks from mineral buildups and ensures a long life to your water softener.

I started using this 3 months ago, and I am glad I did. We have an older home. We purchased a fixer-upper, so we used to use monthly salt in all house areas before. Knowing that people who had this item didn’t maintain it, I figured that the water system was also likely neglected.


  • Morton clean salt has an amazing feature of resin cleaning additives to keep your softener clean. Resin cleaning additives protect water softener’s internal parts from corrosions, which allow less maintenance and longevity.
  • Besides keeping the water softener clean, the formula of this salt is highly effective in regenerating the efficiency of resin beads.
  • When it comes to water softening applications, Morton clean is a step further in giving you pure freshwater. It not only improves the quality of water but also gives better water taste compared to its competitors.
  • Besides this, Morton clean pallets are specially designed in a way to harness the power of salt, which gives fresh, silky, and smooth impact on your skin and hairs.

Morton clean is the best water softener salt for cleaning and softening applications at affordable prices. It not only gives you freshwater but also keeps your water softener, pipes, and other appliances clean from harmful minerals.

  • Keeps your water softener and home appliances clean from rust, corrosion, and stains.
  • Improves water taste
  • Gives fresh, silky and smooth impact on skin and hairs
  • affordable price
  • Packaging needs careful handling.




2. Morton Morton-40D – Best water softener salt for sensitive skin

Morton Morton-40D Best water softener salt for sensitive skinOur second pick in 5 best water softener salts is also from Morton. Morton salt 1501 is the number 1 seller product with over 4 rating stars.

It comes in a bag of 50lb salt pallets. When it comes to quantity, a 40lb bag is considered as more than enough for a month, but buying Morton 1501 can last more than a month. It is one of the best water softener salt for sensitive skin.

I sent an email to Morton Salt, inquiring as to whether they were still producing System Saver II salt, as my water softener instructions indicated that I should only use this product. “Thank you for contacting Morton Salt and for your interest in our products,” responded Morton Salt.

Besides this, let me share some of its astonishing features with you!


  • When it comes to performance, Morton salt 1501 is efficient enough to reduce the harmful minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron from hard water.
  • It does not end here Morton 1501 protects your sinks, bathtubs, and utensils from rust and stains and gives you a quite brighten effect.
  • Are you afraid of washing your favorite clothes frequently? Buying Morton 1501 salt keeps your cloth shiny and new for a longer period. Now you can wash and wear your favorite clothes as many times as you want.
  • Morton 1501 helps you in keeping the tanks and brines free from rusting and corrosion. Furthermore, its power reductions applications protect your home appliances and pipes from all kinds of damages.
 Unique packaging: 

I love this product due to its unique packaging, which gives you quite comfortable and easy handling while pouring salt into the tank.

  • Best salt rainsoft in terms of performance
  • Comes in enough quantity to last more than a month
  • Keeps your water softening system clean
  • Comes in such a comfortable packaging
  • A little bit pricy



3. Diamond Crystal – Best water softener salt for rust

Diamond Crystal Best water softener salt for rustDiamond crystal softening salt is manufactured by Cargill Salt best known for its environment-friendly products. Their Diamond Crystal softening salt is made up of 99.1 % of Potassium Chloride.

I used potassium instead of salt for my water softener enhancer since I also utilize the water for plants, both indoors and outdoors, and salt is harmful to them.

I discovered that many potassium supplements still have a high level of salt. This one had the fewest amount. My water softener was installed relatively recently, and I’ve only used this product once thus far, but it appears to be effective.

Second, I don’t have to carry these bags from the store to my car and into my garage. Plus, the bags are quite simple to open. I will undoubtedly purchase from this firm again.

When it comes to softening salts, Potassium Chloride is known as the most environmental-friendly substance in terms of health and purity. It won’t be wrong if we say Diamond Crystal as the best water softening salt of 2022.


  • Diamond Crystal salt is prepared in a quite natural way by using sunlight, wind, and time to let the soluble dry and convert it into crystals. If you have sensitive skin, then this softening salt is all you need.
  • If you have health problems like kidney stones, blood pressure, and hypertension, then you should go for Diamond Crystal salt instead of that Sodium Chloride. Diamond Crystal salt is the best suitable to deal with all your health issues.
  • Besides this, the Potassium Chloride is 99.1 % Sodium free, and it gives you a quite better water taste and quality than any other softening salt. Moreover, it prevents your home pipes from getting rust and corrosions.
 NFC certified brand: 

Diamond Crystal salt is efficient enough to reduce film buildups on sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Buying this salt will ensure your long-lasting home appliances. In addition to this, Diamond Crystal is an NFC certified brand which prepared in a way that can be used in any kind of water softeners.

  • It uses Potassium Chloride which best suits to your health
  • It can be used in all kinds of Water softeners
  • Comes in 50% recycled material bags for your comfort handling and pouring
  • NFC certified softening salt
  • Shipping can cause some dent on a bag



4. Finish Dishwasher – Best Water Softener Salt For Bosch Dishwasher

Finish Dishwasher Water Softener Salt For Bosch DishwasherAre you sick of watermarks on your utensils? Do you want to get rid of lime scales in a dishwasher? Do you want a clean and shiny wash for your dishes? Impresa Dishwashing salt has something amazing to carry all your dishwashing headaches.

Their dishwasher salt is prepared to remove all hard water substances and gives a quite pure residue-free soft for your dishes and Utensils.

I’ve used a few different varieties of salt in my two dishwashers and never noticed much of a difference. But I never considered it was worth the extra money to spend on this expensive salt that just disappears down the sink.
I was incorrect. After I finally put it to use, I can honestly state that my dishes are now 100% clean and spot-free, rather than the several with baked-on food or a little here and there that they previously were.
I highly suggest you spend a bit more on this brand if cleanliness and spot-freeness are important to you.

The dishwasher is great, but I don’t think it’s worth the money. The other issue I had was that the Bosch dishwasher instructions didn’t clarify how much salt to use or where I could learn more about it. Our dishwasher is cleaning very well with a low quantity of soap (amounts mentioned in the instructions) (Cleanth in German).

Our previous dishwasher was filthy with calcium and build-up, so it completely broke down. We couldn’t clean it up with vinegar, citric acid, scraping, or any of the other methods we tried because it was too dirty to clean with vinegar.

Let me share some of its amazing dishwashing features with you!


  • Impresa Dishwasher salt contains advanced coarse grain with no additives formula gives your Dishwasher a long life and less maintenance. Besides this, Impresa dishwasher salt helps in preventing your Dishwasher from limes scale, rust, and corrosion.
  • The most amazing thing about this Dishwater salt is its universal compatibility. No matter which dishwashing brands you are using, Impresa Dishwashing salt can go with all list of brands.
  • When it comes to performance, Impresa dishwasher is far better in reducing stains, rust, and spots on your dishes. It reduces the hard water minerals and provides you soft harmful mineral-free water. This gives your dishes a long life.
  • The most amazing part for which you should buy this product is that this Dishwasher salt is free from GMO, vegan, and caking compounds. For which you can say that this salt is environmentally friendly.
 Long Lasting: 

As we all know, most softening salt lasts for a month; hence keeping them secure for a month with poor packaging can put you in other trouble. When it comes to packaging Impresa Dishwashing salt is a step further with advanced packaging, which gives an entirely secure pouring into the salt unit of a dishwasher.

  • Best salt for Dishwashing purposes
  • Free of additives like GMO, vegan and caking compounds
  • Gives you a stainless shiny Dishes
  • Available in advanced and long-lasting packaging
  • Restricted to Dishwashing only



5. Morton-Rust-40 – Best water softener salt with iron removal

Morton-Rust-40 - Best water softener salt with iron removalOur last pick in 5 best water softening salt is Morton water softener Salt F124700000g. Morton salt F124700000g effectively removes 15 times more iron than any other plain salt available in the market.

Morton Salt comes in a 40lb bag, which eliminates harmful substances and gives you pure water. It enhances the equality and taste of your soft water.

I’ve never purchased salt before because I’m a first-time homeowner, but I had to refill my water softener. According to the manufacturer’s website, there is iron removing salt available. Because we have some pipes with rust problems, I decided to get it. It appears to be operating properly thus far. Also, it arrived ahead of schedule.


  • Morton Salt F124700000g helps reduce rust stains, corrosions, and scale build-ups from your home appliances and pipes. Buying Morton salt will ensure you a long life to your pipes and home appliances.
  • Morton salt reduces helps in preventing your laundry appliances and dishes from all kinds of damages caused by hard water.
  • It does not end here! Morton salt requires less soap while washing cloth and dishes. Besides this, it gives you silky, shiny hair and soft skin.
  • As we mentioned above, Morton Salt F124700000g is 15 times more effective in removing iron due to this feature; it improves the taste water quite better than any other softening salt.
 Easy to Pour: 

Moreover, Morton Salt F124700000g introduced a quite advanced packaging for the comfort and ease of its customers. Thanks to its advanced packaging, include a soft plastic handle to give you perfect handling while pouring salt.

  • Eliminates 15 times more iron than plain salt
  • Improves the taste of water
  • Extend the life of home appliances and pipes
  • Gives you a smooth, silky hairs and skin
  • A bit expensive softening salt



Top-Rated Water Softener Salt Buying Guide:

There is a variety of salts available in the market, but buying a perfect one that could meet all your needs is not an easy job. You have the best water softener system and you are in search of water softener salt, then these buying guides can assist you a lot in making your decision a successful one. You must know following this before asking where to buy water softener salt.

best water softener salt buying guide

Generally, there are two types of water softener salt Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride. Sodium Chloride is used as table salt, but always keep in mind that you need a specific sodium salt for your water softener.

When it comes to Potassium Chloride, it can be the best choice with some of its environment-friendly features. It contains a low sodium diet, which best for your health. But Potassium Chloride can be more expensive then Sodium Chloride.

Diamond crystal vs Morton water softener salt: 

Quality: In terms of quality, Diamond Crystal Water Softener is 99.6% Sodium Chloride pure while Morton Water Softener Salt is around 99% pure.

Packaging: The quality of the bag of Morton Water Softener Salt is slightly better than the Diamond Crystal Water Softener.

Understand the need for a water softener:

Before making any decision, understands the need for your water softener. If you have a salt-based water softener that works on the ion exchange process rather than a salt- free water softener than you must proceed further.

Understand your Demand:

Not all softener salts react similarly when it comes to health. People with kidney stones may have a health problem with sodium chloride, and then you can go for potassium chloride. That is a quite human-friendly substance but a little bit pricy too. Hence it is very important to have a proper understanding of your demand before making any decision.

Sodium Chloride has a bit saltier taste as compared to potassium if you have a problem with a salty taste then you should avoid buying sodium chloride.

Price & Performance:

When it comes to pricing, Sodium chloride is a quite pocket-friendly choice. The majority of the Softening salt manufacturers use Sodium Chloride due to its availability and affordability. Potassium Chloride is considered a bit expensive due to its rear availability. But it is advanced in performing as compare to Sodium Chloride.

Maintenance is mandatory:

Keep in mind that water softener salts do need a little maintenance even if you are buying an automatic one. Providing salt supply for the tank and cleaning the brine are mandatory maintenance for all water softeners. You have to schedule parameters for monthly salt fillings.

Water softener salt brands:

  • Morton Clean & Protect.
  • Morton Clean & Protect Rust Defense.
  • Morton Pure and Natural.
  • Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals.
  • Diamond Crystal Bright & Soft.
  • Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets.
  • Nature’s Own Potassium Solution.

Which is better softener salt pellets or crystals?

Salt pellets are less expensive than salt crystals. They are also more convenient for the user and easier to handle. Salt crystals may leave your hands feeling sticky and slippery and salt pellets are more efficient at absorbing water. However, salt pellets may be stored for longer periods of time.

 How many bags of salt does it take to fill a water softener?

It takes roughly 10 pounds of salt to fill a 10,000 gallon (40,000L) capacity water softener. If the water softener holds 1,000 gallons (3,800L), the amount of salt needed is roughly 10 pounds (4.5kg). 

The amount of salt necessary to fill a water softener varies depending on the quality of the salt and the concentration level of the solution. Salt is sold in varying concentrations, ranging from 1 part per million to 1 part per million. The higher the concentration, the less salt is required.


A good quality softening salt is as important as a good quality water softener. On top of that, before making a decision, always keep a little research about your needs and demands. If your family has some health issues with sodium Chloride salt, then there is a better option for you in the form of Diamond Crystal salts, which is made up of Potassium a quite healthy substance. But when it comes to affordability, Morton has a line of amazing softening salts for you. These softening salts also perform best for well water.

Their Morton clean is the best-softening salt that protects your home appliances as well. If you are experiencing extreme hard water and looking for quite an effective salt, then Morton Salt F124700000g is all you need with 15 times more iron reduction power.

Keep salt bags in a dry place and be careful while pouring salt into the Tank.

Are pellets or crystals better for water softeners?

Water Softener Crystals are suggested for households with low water use or who rely on a two-part water softening system. Water Softener Pellets can help reduce bridging, be more effective for moderate to high volume users, and work in all-in-one tank systems.

Does it matter what water softener salt you use?

Only salt or potassium chloride designed for water softeners should be used. Do not use the table or granular salt.

Is there a difference between water softener salts?

The type of salt you use in your water softener does make a difference. Different types of salts have different effects. Pellet salts will soften hard water more efficiently, leaving residue inside the softener that needs to be cleaned out more often. Salts with rocks and earth may do an excellent job of softening the water, but they leave lots of dirt and particles inside the machine too.

Why are saltwater softeners banned?

Water softeners are being banned because they have a negative effect on agriculture. When water softeners regenerate, they flush the salt-filled solution into the sewage system. Water treatment plants don’t have the resources to treat this kind of water, so it becomes salty.

What kind of salt does Culligan use?

This K-Life Potassium Chloride Sodium Free Water Softener Crystals is a good item. They are in the department of salt for water softeners.

Can you put too much salt in a water softener?

Overly salty water can result in salt “bridging,” or a buildup and solidification of the regenerate, which may prevent your equipment from regenerating.

Can I mix salt pellets and crystals?

Many different types of salt can soften water. It is safe to mix them, but it is best to follow the manufacturer’s directions if they recommend one type over others.

Is it bad to let your water softener run out of salt?

When water softening salts are not used, your water softener’s performance will be significantly reduced. It can cause long-term damage and harm your water fixtures if the water softener runs out of salt. It can even lead to a tank overflowing in extreme situations.

Can I use salt pellets instead of crystals in my Culligan water softener?

As a result, any of the softeners available on the market may be utilized. The pellets and crystals are generally used in water softeners. There is nothing wrong with using both types of softeners in the same system; they can fulfill each other’s functions and processes water without causing harm.

Can I use Morton pool salt in my water softener?

In a water softener, you should not use pool salt. Even if this is the case, you will not see any results, and it could also harm your equipment! To treat swimming pool water, you must use the highest grade of salt available. That is also true for water softener salt.

What is Diamond Crystal salt?

Fine Kosher salts are produced through a special manufacturing process that yields a delicate flake salt with excellent solubility and quality. The distinct salt mixtures dissolve easily and adhere to food smoothly, releasing a natural burst of flavor as they dissolve.

What kind of salt do you use for a GE water softener?

The best water softening salts are 99.5% pure water softening salt, which should be utilized in the water softener. We recommend a combination of Nugget, Pellet, or Solar coarse salts for your home’s water softener if potassium chloride (KCl) is used instead of sodium chloride (salt – NaCl) in the softener.

What kind of salt does Rainsoft use?

The salt is then dug up and crushed. It is cheap, but it contains impurities that must be removed from time to time. Use the biggest size rock salt available in your region.

Which is better in a water softener, salt or potassium?

Overall, a saltwater softener is far more efficient and cost-effective than a potassium one. Potassium chloride costs somewhat more than salt. In addition, because it is less efficient than salt, the unit’s regeneration will occur less frequently.


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