Nuvo Water Softener Reviews – Is This the Best Water Softener for You?

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Nuvo H20 is a company that was founded in 2006. The company is based out of Murray, Utah and makes products that filter water without using salt.

The nuvo water softener reviews are the top on the market with ratings up to 4 or 5 stars depending on who you ask among nuvo’s competitors. This review by one customer says it all: “I LOVE my nuvo water machine! I have drinking more plain, fresh water than ever before because of how delicious it tastes .”

Another customer notes that their nuvo water machine has eliminated her need for bottled water altogether saying she “ will never buy another bottle of Shasta again .”

Nuvo Water Softener System:

How Does It Work? 

It basically filters your existing hardwater for you, so no need to deal with salt or any other substance that can cause problems later on. The company claims their machines will save you money because there’s nothing else but pure H20 coming of them and they filter all impurities from your water .

Nuvo users also claim nuvo’s machines are better for the environment than other competitors out there. They say it is because nuvo doesn’t use salt which can be harmful to animals and plants in lakes, rivers, ponds and streams , like many of its competitors do.

Does NuvoH2O Work?

Nuvo water softeners use a process that changes the chemical structure of calcium and magnesium molecules. This is done by changing the pH of the water to be higher with food-grade citric acid. The change breaks down limescale, which would otherwise build up inside your plumbing and stain glassware, shower doors, and countertops.

Chelation is popular in hotels and resorts. People want their water to taste good, so they ask for chelation. The owners want the bathrooms to shine, but lime can make them bad. So they also use chelation.

Types Of Nuvo Systems

All Nuvo water conditioners work the same. The three types differ in size and how big the filters are. Choose a softener system that is right for you based on your home’s size and number of people living there.


The Nuvo Water Softener Reviews

Nuvo water softeners can be used in homes that are more than 2,000 square feet. The Nuvo Manor system is the largest. It can provide enough water for at least four people.

Nuvo Manor water softeners come with a cartridge that will soften up to 50,000 gallons of water. It can be worth it to fix a meter on your supply line so you know when you have reached the 50,000 gallons. If you don’t do this, then it may happen that you change your filter too early or too late. The installation ports are 1 ½-inch size. If your pipes are other sizes, they’ll work okay but you’ll need some adapters.




NuvoH2O Manor + Taste Complete Water Softener System, Includes 1 Manor Water Softener and 1 Taste Replacement Cartridge, Complete System

The NuvoH2O Home softener system is best for properties with 1,000-2,000 square feet or two or three family members. It can filter up to 15 GPM so it won’t slow down the water flow. The cartridges last for 20,000 gallons before you need to replace them. That’s about four to six months.

There are 1-inch installation ports for this water treatment. You may still utilize it if you have a ¾-inch supply line by purchasing an adapter. The system weighs 9 pounds, so make sure to buy the bracket or install brackets on either side of the water conditioner.




The Nuvo Water Softener Reviews

NuvoH2O Studio system is a water conditioner for apartments and condos. It is also useful for RVs. It can be used at properties up to 1,000 square feet in size if only one person lives there. After 10,000 gallons of treated water, the cartridges will need to be changed. The Studio is available with up to 15 GPM. That means you can likely run all of your home’s water-based appliances at the same time without noticing a drop in pressure.

The Studio is designed for pipes that are approximately 7/8 inches in diameter, which is typical for condominiums. If you have bigger pipes, just use adapters instead of having to buy entirely new ones. The Studio system comes with wall brackets. It is light, so you might decide not to use them.



Benefits and Features Of A Nuvo Water System

If you want a water conditioner or softener, Nuvo H2O systems do not need salt or electricity to run. They are very small and can fit in most spaces. You might not have space for a water conditioner or softener if you live in an apartment, but Nuvo H2O will work for you.

Why Is The Nuvo Water Treatment Unique?

Nuvo H2O is the only brand that uses CitraCharge Cell Technology. This patented technology (approved by the FDA) can balance water’s pH with citrine. Citrine binds to calcium and magnesium ions, preventing them from accumulating on surfaces and inside pipes. It also aids in the removal of any existing limescale.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews From Customers

Customers like Nuvo because water tastes better. They also like how their skin becomes softer when they drink the water because it doesn’t dry out anymore.

Overall Public Consensus:

Many people say that Nuvo H2O makes their appliances work better and last longer. It is also easier to keep a house clean.However, if your water is very hard, it’s unlikely that any of the Nuvo H2O models will have much impact. Before you buy one, make sure to test your water first.

People who have hard water do not like the Nuvo H2O conditioner. People with only slightly-hard water find it easier to use the Nuvo H2O conditioner. If you want to avoid salt, it might be worth using a Nuvo H2O and an electro-magnetic system together.

NuvoH2O Complaints And Problems

  • Most consumers are satisfied with their water conditioner, but there have been a few complaints about the Nuvo water softener:
  • Blue water — If the cartridge breaks, it will turn your water blue. Don’t worry Just turn off the conditioner, change the cartridge, and flush your water blue from your pipes.
  • Filtration — Unfortunately, Nuvo water conditioners are unable to remove pollutants from your water. If you’re worried about the quality of your drinking water, consider investing in a filtration system.
  • Iron — Some water softeners also remove iron from the water. Because the Nuvo H2O systems do not work to eliminate this mineral, your water may still have an iron odor and flavor.

Warranty For Nuvo H2O Systems

No matter what Nuvo H2O system you choose, you’ll get a five-year warranty. Keep your Nuvo H2O system in the shade when installing it and make sure to cover it outdoors.

Nuvo Water Softener Installation And Maintenance

All Nuvo H2O systems are easy to install. You need a housing unit, screws, and a wrench to put it together. This is all easy to do if you have basic DIY skills or know a technician that can help you.

Install the water conditioner near your water heater. You can check what type of pipes you have to make sure you have all the equipment you need. For example, if it is copper or stainless steel pipes, then you will need Teflon tape and a pipe cutter. If it is PEX tubing, then you will need compression fittings and a plumber’s wrenches.

The recommended water pressure is 80 psi. If you have a Nuvo H2O conditioner, then you will need to install a regulator if the pressure ever goes over 100 psi.

Drop the padding and shrink wrap from housing and cartridge. Be careful to put cartridge into housing correctly. The two bypass holes need to go at the top.

The water inlet port is where water comes into the machine. The outlet port is where the clean water comes out of the machine. Once you have installed your water conditioner, there’s no need to do anything else – no regular maintenance or anything like that. This means you’ll spend less money on your new water softener than if you had bought a different kind of system.

Nuvo Water Filter Replacement Parts

Our conditioners do not need replacement parts. Only the cartridges need to be bought.

Nuvo H2O Cost:

The price of a Nuvo H2O system changes depending on the type you choose: Manor, Home, or Studio. The type also impacts how much you might pay for a replacement cartridge.

The Manor is the most expensive Nuvo system and it costs around $950. Cartridges cost $81.

The midrange model is the Home. It costs about $650. That’s less than the Manor, which costs about $950. The cartridges for the Home are cheaper too: they cost around $63.

The most economical printer is the Studio. It costs around $575. Cartridges are also cheaper, at $46.

Nuvo H2O sells replacement cartridges for a cheaper price than a third-party seller.

Is a Nuvo H2O Water Conditioner Worth the Price?

If you want to increase the life of your appliances and fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen, a Nuvo H2O system is a good choice for you. This water conditioner only costs money for replacement cartridges. It does not cost anything else, like salt or other operating costs.

Should You Buy A Nuvo H2O System?

Nuvo H2O systems are good for small and average-size homes. They do not need a lot of salt because they don’t need big tanks. All the states can use them, even those where other water softeners can’t be used.

You can use the bypass valve when you need to take water that doesn’t need to be soft. The valve will not use the cartridges in the machine.

How often do you change Nuvo water filter?

The water filter that comes with the Nuvo should be replaced once a year if you have one. If you buy a unit that is too small for your home even with a filter, you’ll need to replace it every two months.

How long do Nuvo filters last?

The Aquatrol Water Conditioner, which is priced at around $130, offers up to 15 GPM flow. That means you won’t notice any change in water flow even if the water conditioner has a bigger capacity. The cartridge lasts 20,000 gallons before it needs to be replaced — or approximately every four to six months. The Home model includes 1-inch connection ports that are easy to install.

Does NuvoH2O work with well water?

In general, well water works well with NuvoH2O systems. However, the only option available is the use of a NuvoH2O system. If you have other water concerns, such as tastes or odors, iron deposits, bacteria, manganese toxicity, or other problems, they will still need to be dealt with.

How much is the Nuvo h2o?

New (3) from $779.99 & FREE Shipping.

How long does Nuvo cartridge last?

You can install your own cartridges. How long do a NuvoH2O cartridge and replacement filters last? The lifespan of a NuvoH2O cartridge is three to six months, depending on how much water it contains.

Is Nuvo a good water softener?

The amount of water softening that you require is determined by your region, plumbing system and the number of people who will be using it. Your local well-drilling contractor can tell you what size tank to use. -> The H2O comes from a bottle with a simple twist off cap, as opposed to a pump or filter.

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