Why Is My Water Softener Draining NON-STOP? HELP!

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Water softeners make water taste better. Water that is high in minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, has a bad taste. Softeners get rid of these minerals, making the water better for drinking and cooking. Most people set their softener to run in the morning when they need less water. If your softener drains constantly, you can fix it yourself by looking up some essential troubleshooting tips on the internet unless the problem is more serious, in which case you will need a service technician with more experience.


Water Softener Won’t Stop Draining

The water softener might not be plugged in, or the power cord may have been turned off during a power outage. There are many simple reasons why your water softening system would drain and not regenerate. Still, there are several common issues to consider every year with water softener does not know if the water is running through it continuously. When a part does not operate correctly, the water might keep going through the water softener. You need to figure out what is wrong and fix it so that the problem stops.

Constant Draining

If the water softener does not stop draining, try resetting it. If there is a prolonged power outage and you didn’t check the timer, it will drain at an inappropriate time. If your water softener continues to run and drain, the system is stuck in regeneration mode and not switching to conditioned mode. Check the control panel on the hardener and put it in bypass mode. Then contact a service technician.


The water softener could be leaking, and they might need to fix something. There are different things they can do if there is a leak. If there is an internal leak, the technician replaces the pistons, seals, or spacers. If you find or suspect leakage, put the unit into bypass mode at once and contact your service company. If the softener is in bypass mode, it stops working until you turn it on again.

Reasons That Cause Water Softener to Drain Constantly : 

There are many reasons that the water might keep draining from your water softener. These are some of them:

  1. The water is not turned off on the mainline.
  2. The valve is stuck open.
  3. The drain valve was not correctly installed, or it has been damaged.

A water softener uses water to make a special resin. If it is stuck or a seal doesn’t work, the water will keep coming out. One problem could be with the backwash position, for example. But other things can cause this too, so let’s check them first.

Does the Water Softener Operates at the Wrong Time : 

When the water usage is low, a water softener regenerates. This generally takes place at night. Most people don’t hear the water softener regenerate. It’s quiet most of the time! If your water softener is regenerating throughout the day, you may notice water draining from your system. This can happen when the system is active at a time when you can hear it. There might not be anything wrong with this system other than that it needs to be set on the clock again.

Most water softeners can be reset simply by changing the digital clock on your nightstand, but each brand of a water softener is slightly different, so consult your owner’s handbook to discover how to set your water softeners clock.

Did You Lose Power? (The Water Softener Is Stuck in the Regeneration Cycle)

Water softeners are programmed using computers to instruct the water softener on which cycle to run and when to stop. If the electricity in your home is not working, it will be hard to make a water softener. You will need to use water without salt.

When this happens, your water softener may drain water until the computer is restarted or the system is put into bypass mode, in which no water passes through the unit. Check to make sure that the water softener is plugged in and turned on. Water softener should be plugged into a surge protector or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect it from power surges and water leaks.

Check to See Whether the Water Softeners’ Electrical Outlet Is Receiving Electricity:

If your water softener is constantly draining and the computer display goes blank, there may be a problem with the electrical connection.

You may quickly check whether a water softener has electrical power by plugging in an electrical device that you already know is working correctly. Try using a lamp, fan, or radio that you have previously plugged into another outlet to ensure it functions properly, before inserting it into the socket where your water softener is connected.

If your lamp, fan, or radio works when plugged into the water softener outlet, but it does not work at all on any other outlet in the house, the problem is probably just with the power cord of your water softener.

Make Sure the Outlet Isn’t Turned on or off by a Switch:

Occasionally, an ordinary light switch can inadvertently turn off the electrical outlet connected to the water softener. If you’re new to your property or if someone in it isn’t aware of how to leave the water softener regeneration switch on, it might have been switched off while it was regenerating.

If this happens, the water softener will keep draining water until the switch is turned back on. To test if a nearby switch does not control the outlet, plug in your lamp or another electrical device into the outlet and turn off all of the switches near it. If your lamp stays on when you are done turning off all of these switches, none of them control this outlet.

The Electrical Ballast Could Have Gone Wrong:

If you’ve already verified that the power source is working, examine the electrical ballast or water softener’s electric cord. You can use a standard electrical meter to check if your water softener is getting electricity.

If you are not comfortable with this, then don’t do it yourself. Please leave it to someone who knows about this instead.

It Might Be That the Computer Is Broken:

Computers, like any other electronic equipment, do not last indefinitely and may occasionally fail. If the power to your water softener goes out, the computer will be unable to stop the water softener from continuing whatever it was doing at the time of the outage.

Most water softeners will stop recharging and drain water until the computer is turned back on. Still, some water softeners have a manual regeneration feature that can bypass the computer’s instructions. The water softener has a power supply that may need replacing if it continues to malfunction. A power surge can cause your computer to stop working, or it might lose the programs telling it when to turn on. If your water softener regenerates more frequently than it should, you may believe that it is constantly regenerating.

The Timer/Drive Motor May Be Broken:

A small electric motor drives the internal piston of the control valve on most water softeners to advance from position to position during regeneration, which controls the flow of water through the valve and executes the various cycles required for recovery.

This electric drive motor might work for a long time, but an electrical surge can cause it to short out. The magnet may be defective, allowing the thermostat to stick open. If this is so, it’s best to replace it with a new one. Although the housing of your device appears to be unscathed after washing, you should still check for any signs of wear and tear if there are water stains on your heating element or part.

This would be the case. When the Timer/Drive motor stops operating, your water softener will remain in whatever state it is in and if your water softener is regenerating and running water down the drain when this occurs. It will not cease to flow until it is bypassed or the timer/Drive Motor is changed.

The Main Piston in Your Control Valve May Have Seized:

Softeners use a cylindrical piston to water through your house. The water is blocked by the different openings and then turns back into soft water. This is a heavy-duty piston with heavy-duty waterproof seals encircling it to regulate the water flow around it.

However, these seals will eventually no longer be watertight, allowing water to seep through channels that it should not access. If any of these seals is open, water will flow to the drain channel of the water softener control valve when it should not be.

A Water Softener That Does Not Utilize a Piston, Valve Seals Do Not Seal:

Some water softeners use a valve that opens and closes to control the water flow. When it is open, they can push out the dirty water they collect when the valve is closed. This happens during the regeneration cycle when they refill with clean water.

These valves can become worn or deformed over time, failing to create a tight seal that blocks water from flowing through the valve. On the other hand, these valves may sometimes become stuck, preventing them from opening and necessitating an alternate valve to be opened.

Even if the system is bypassed or the water is shut off, a sticking valve in a water softener control valve may keep it in regeneration, which means it will continue to drain water until the equipment is unplugged.

The Water Load in Your Home Could Be Too High:

Water pressure from a well usually does not cause problems for the water softener valve in your house, but sometimes the pressure is so high that it can flow through the water seals.

If a water seal can no longer keep back the high water pressure from a municipal water supply, the water will flow past the valve and down the drain.

Why Is My Hague/Waterboss/Aqumaster Water Softener Kept on Draining?

Many water softeners use the same type of control valve. That is why they will always drain.

Is Your Computer Securely Affixed to Your Water Softener?

The small square computer that controls these water softeners must be installed appropriately for the cycles of the water softener to advance. The computer may not know when to move the regeneration piston to end the regeneration process if the computer is not in the proper position and snapped securely in place.

You know it’s working when you hear a “CLICK” when the computer has been correctly fastened to the mounting tabs. Before pressing all of the ways in, double-check that the computer is in both tabs.

You May Have a Faulty Sensor Disc Magnet:

If the computer does not read the magnet, it will not know when to stop. The water will continue to flow out of the machine and down the drain until it is stopped.

If this should happen, the regeneration wheel is simple to replace, and any rust build-up on the computer may be scraped away.

Why Is My Kinetico Water Softener Continuously Draining Water?

This Kinetico water softener is different than a standard water softener. It has pistons and gears that measure how much you use. Then they trigger the water to get softer when you need it to be.

A Kinetico water softener has gears and pistons that control the regeneration cycle. If some of these parts don’t work, the water softener won’t move to the next cycle or stop when it is done.

If the control valve springs fail, they can prevent water from moving. If the control valve don’t seat properly or stick, the same issue may occur. The water softener will be unable to advance the cycle or conclude regeneration because the water softener won’t be able to use and discharge water.

The Kinetico water valve is a susceptible and intricate device, and I don’t recommend attempting to repair it unless you have a decent understanding of how water valves operate.

Why Is My Water Right/Water Care Water Softener Continuously Draining?

Water Softener/Water Care Water Softeners utilize a solid Clack valve similar to a regular water softener valve. Still, I feel that the internal components of the Clack valve are more sturdy and long-lasting than most water softener valves.

The seals around the main piston can wear, and water will leak from those seals. The most common reason for a Water Right/Water Care water softener to run continuously is those seals.

To replace the piston and seal pack of a Clack valve, you can do it yourself, but doing so might be difficult, so you may want to get your water treatment professional’s advice.

Why Is My Fleck Water Softener Continuously Draining?

A Fleck water softener valve is like any other type of water softener. It will only drain water non-stop if it has lost power or the main seal around the piston has worn out, so it isn’t tight anymore.

Replacing a Fleck Main Piston and Seals, Unlike a Clack Valve, Is Not Difficult for the Average Do-It-Yourselfer.

Remove a few screws, then remove the old piston and seals, lubricate the new Fleck piston and seals, then carefully install them.

Whirlpool/GE/Kenmore Water Softener Continuously Draining:

Water softeners are generally trouble-free in draining water. However, a Whirlpool/GE/Kenmore water softener will only get stuck if there has been an outage or the main piston has frozen.

If your water softener’s internal components become damaged due to a power surge, you can replace the power cord or computer. However, because the interior elements of a Whirlpool/GE/Kenmore water softener are not readily available, if they are causing your water softener to be constantly draining, there is little that may be done except for replacing it.

Are You Sure That It Is the Water Softener That Is Draining?

Water running is often mistaken for a water softener. There are numerous items in a home that require water so that they will make a water-draining sound.

Water softeners may be draining water into the same drainpipe as other home appliances, including dishwashers, washing machines, dehumidifiers, and other devices.

Before calling a service person to check on your water softener, double-check that all of the other appliances in your home are not draining water.

How Long Should My Water Softener Be Regenerating?

The regeneration time of a water softener will differ depending on the manufacturer and model.

The type of salt that your water softener contains and how long it will take to regenerate to treat your water effectively will also influence the length of time it takes for your water softener to work.

A very efficient water softener can regenerate for as little as 20 minutes. However, a less effective water softener treating hard water with iron may need to regenerate for up to 120 minutes.

What to Do When Your Water Softener Doesn’t Stop Draining:

Don’t get too worked up. Yes, water is passing through your water softener, and it will not stop. Almost every water softener has a bypass valve to divert the water away from going through the machine while allowing it to enter your house.

Most water softeners can be turned off by turning a lever or knob, pushing a button from one side to another, turning two knobs a quarter turn, or turning three levers one-quarter turn.

Determine which type of bypass your water softener uses and follow the directions to enable it. If you discover that your water softener is constantly running, consult your water softener’s owner’s manual to determine which sort of bypass it employs and follow the instructions to bypass it.

Should I Unplug My Water Softener if It Won’t Stop Running?

Unplugging a water softener does not stop the regeneration process. Opening a water softener lets it continue to do whatever it was doing when you unplugged it.

Suppose you unplug your water softener while it’s in the middle of regeneration. In that case, it’ll go on regenerating until it completes its regeneration cycle, is bypassed, or the water is reaching it is shut off.

A water softener regeneration operation may take up to 120 minutes, but if your water softener has been draining for several hours, bypass the device until you can figure out why or get a professional service technician to look at it.

Water Softener Running Water Sound

If your softener tank is making noise, unplug the system to see if it stops. If the racket happens at random intervals, your system may simply be aerating and regenerating water in the system. It’s natural for water softeners to regenerate the system during low usage.

Fleck 5600 Constantly Draining

There might be debris between the piston and the seals. To see whether it improves, perform a manual regen. If not, remove the piston and seals to examine each seal for damage. It’s quite unusual for this to happen so soon.

Why my eco water softener keeps draining?

Your Eco/Culligan water softener keeps draining due to various reasons. Leaks in the water softener could be causing it to drain all of the time. The technician replaces any pistons, seals, or spacers if there is an internal control leak. If you suspect or find a leak, immediately switch on bypass mode and notify your service firm.

Why won’t my water softener stop draining?

This could be a blocked drain line, injector/venturi, or brine line/valve. It’s also possible that the salt tank valve assembly is jammed or that water pressure in your house is too low (correct as required). Any blockages must be removed.

How long should a water softener drain?

The actual regeneration follows when the softener draws salt brine from a tank and pumps it back through the treatment medium to chemically clean out the undesirable minerals and send them down a drain. This period ranges from 50 to 60 minutes.

How to stop water softener from draining?

When you know what to look for, using the bypass valve is simple. Look for the set of pipes that join with your water softener first. (One pipe takes water into the machine so it can be softened. The second pipe sends clean water into your home.)

How do you fix a water softener that keeps running?

If the water softener timer or control switch is faulty, it may keep the softener in regeneration mode, causing the water softener to run continuously. Replace the timer, switch, or the entire water softener control head if necessary. Please verify that the timer has been programmed correctly and that it is in the proper position.

Why is my Kenmore water softener continuously draining?

A water softener should not be continuously draining. If the water softener keeps running and draining, it may be stuck in the regeneration phase and not automatically change to the conditioned phase. Check the control panel on the softener for faults, put it in bypass mode, and call your service professional.

Why is my water softener draining?

Because of leaks, the water softener may be continuously draining. The pistons, seals, or spacers are replaced if there is an internal control leak.

Why do I have standing water in my water softener?

There are horizontal slots in the brine well that allow water to enter and exit. If the tank at the bottom is blocked with salt, less water will enter the tank, absorb salt, and then flow back out. It’s time to clean your tank if this is what’s causing it.

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